Convention dates for 2011

Fresh from the success of the Northern Convention in November REPs has set some dates for its 2011 programme.

As well as booking top keynote speakers, introducing more practical and interactive sessions and a new question and answer session for members to speak directly to members of the REPs team including Registrar Jean-Ann Marnoch.

The first convention of next year will be held in Wales on Friday 25th February, with a South East convention in May, and Scotland in June before the National convention, which will, as in previous years, be held during Leisure Industry Week in September. This will then be followed by a Northern convention in November.

Full details of the conventions, including seminars, workshops and, most importantly, final dates and venues will be available from the REPs website, the Journal and the REPs monthly e-zine. To make sure you’re kept up to date with this electronic bulletin let the REPs office have your latest contact details including your email address.

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