New, FREE, up-skilling units – now on-line!

On-line up-skilling units to bring REPs members in-line with the new entry standards are now live via the members’ area of the REPs website –

Available exclusively to members the five, free, modules will allow current level 2/3 members to adapt their mainstream classes/sessions for occasional clients who fall into one, or more, of the following categories:

• Older adults;
• Ante and post-natal women;
• 14-16 year old teenagers;
• Disabled people;
• Children and vulnerable adults.

Each module will earn REPs members 1 CPD point.

REPs Registrar Jean-Ann Marnoch explains: “During the consultation period for the new National Occupational Standards it became clear that many people who fall into the categories above were regular exercisers and often took part in group classes and regular sessions.

“The new REPs structure reflects this, and requires level 2/3 members to have the necessary skills to adapt sessions for these occasional clients. These up-skilling units will provide this necessary expertise. It’s important to remember though that these units do not qualify a member to take a class specifically for just those from these special populations. That requires the more in-depth qualification leading to a specific category on the Register.”

For further information visit:

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3 responses to “New, FREE, up-skilling units – now on-line!

  1. This indeed is a very murky area and needs to be resolved post haste.

  2. Great to note and was hoping to see more information, but will follow the next link and hope it leads to greater information.

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