FIA joins the Great Swapathon!

Gyms and health clubs belonging to the Fitness Industry Association are supporting the Great Swapathon; the latest campaign from Change4Life, which encourages families to lead a healthier lifestyle through physical activity and a healthier diet.

Physical activity swaps, including half price family and individual swims, and a month’s discounted gym or outdoor fitness membership, contribute to the five million voucher booklets, worth £50 each, due to be given away through The News of the World and Asda supermarket, starting on Sunday (Jan 9th).

The Great Swapathon encourages families to swap at least one unhealthy habit in food, alcohol and physical activity for a healthier one. It provides consumers with:

  • a £50 book of vouchers for money off healthier foods and activities
  • recipes for healthier alternatives to favourite snacks
  • recipes for family options for each meal time
  • nutritional and activity advice

David Stalker, Executive Director, Fitness Industry Association said: “This is a very exciting initiative for our industry to be involved in. The New Year is typically a time when our industry comes under scrutiny but this year we are delivering the physical activity strand of a major public health campaign.

“The campaign is yet another way in which we are developing integrated health solutions by working alongside Government and industry. It’s all about working together for the health of the nation. It is essential that we make physical activity more accessible in order to support more people to engage with it”.

The Government is aiming to deliver one million healthy swaps among families and adults in England.

For the physical activity swap, consumers will be asked to visit to register then access offer details of participating FIA members.

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