Television Fitness Guru Dies Aged 96

The Independent carries the story of the death of Jack Lalanne, a fitness fanatic who’s often regarded as the father of the modern fitness movement and who was one of the first television instructors.

Read more about his inspirational life here:

3 responses to “Television Fitness Guru Dies Aged 96

  1. Rosemary Barber

    How disappointing – when I saw “Fitness Guru dies aged 96”, I thought it would be about Prunella Stack, President of the Fitness League who died in December. Her death was widely reported in the national press. Acknowledgement by REPS of her contribution, and that of the League, to women’s health would be welcomed by its instructors (mostly Reps members), and class participants.
    Daughter of the founder of the Bagot Stack system of exercise, she was Britain’s home-grown “perfect girl” of the 1930’s and appeared at the League’s 80th Anniversary celebration in the Royal Albert Hall only last year. The Bagot Stack system, taught under the organisation’s original name, Women’s League of Health and Beauty, was one of the earliest, and the largest popular exercise movement in Britain when Prunella led it in her 20’s. The system of exercise, posture, and dance for the whole body is still very popular but is largely taught in independent classes rather than commercial leisure centres.

  2. Rosemary, thank you for reminding us all of Prunella Stack. You’re right, we owe so much to pioneers like her – it’s easy to forget how radical they were and how their influences live on to this day.

  3. PIT

    hei but living up to 96 is not bad

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