The new OAP – that’s Athletic Older Person to you and me!

Silver surfers, the grey pound, baby-boomers reaching retirement age – thanks to headlines like this we’re all aware the sixty-plus age group is the fastest growing in the UK, but what does this mean for the fitness industry?

The following article in today’s Daily Mail makes interesting reading and, if it’s to be believed, could mean a change for fitness professionals as to who they teach but they way they teach.

What do you think? Have you noticed larger numbers of older adults exercising with you? Have you had to modify your classes/sessions because of this? Is the industry ready for more older adults taking up gym memberships and attending exercise classes? As ever we’d love to know your views on this…..

3 responses to “The new OAP – that’s Athletic Older Person to you and me!

  1. Very interesting and informative post. Glad to finally see this age group highlighted and given more attention since this sector is “my field of fitness expertise”. This age group is a delight to teach, and in return, I learn an enormous amount of valuable insights from them.

  2. Peter Zedlewski

    The growth in the market of ‘Active/Athletic Older People’ has not been matched to facilities which are always kind and appropriate to this client group, or indeed others who have less than idealised physical starting points.

    For many years gyms and fitness facilities had focused on creating bright, glossy, image conscious, environments. Even the staff might have been prefered to be young and good looking.

    The question to ask is, ‘whether, after a visit to some of these exercise facilities, could a client who might be conscious of their physical deficits actually leave feeling better about themselves?’.

    I am sure that this matter is still not well attended to in the design and management of exercise environments, and if more empathatically driven thought could be directed to this, we might actually encourage more of those people who would most benefit from aditional exercise.

    Peter Zedlewski, Personal Trainer/Sports Massage Therapist

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