Annual Meeting of International Registers

REPs Registrar Jean-Ann Marnoch met with other registrars from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and EREPs at the IHRSA Convention in San Francisco this month.

Jean-Ann explained: “Overseeing a member-based register like REPs is a fairly unique thing so it’s nice to meet up with people in the same position as me to compare notes, success stories and seek advice. It’s always interesting to understand how other registers are run and to learn from their experiences.”


2 responses to “Annual Meeting of International Registers

  1. Neil Shipley

    Why San Fransisco – ever heard of tele conferencing? Seems like a jolly to me.

    • Hi Neil,

      The international Registrars meet each year at the International Health and Racquet Sports Association annual conference which is always held in the US. This year it was in San Francisco. It may seem a long way to go but with colleagues coming from across the globe (most notably New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Europe) it’s actually quite central. If we are to maintain the reciprocal arrangements that allow REPs members to move to these countries and be accepted on their national Registers, and vice versa, we have to ensure that the standards and processes we work to are aligned.
      We also hold regular update sessions electronically but it’s good to meet face to face at least once a year. IHRSA also traditionally attracts decision makers from all aspects from the industry so it offers a unique opportunity to network on behalf of REPs and spread the word of what we’re doing.
      As for Canada, it doesn’t have a Register at the moment but we are looking at ways in which the major training provider there can gain recognition for their graduates in the UK so we also met with representatives from there during the IHRSA convention.
      Hope this answers your questions…..

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