It’s good to feel the burn…

Could it be that Jane Fonda was right all along? A new report due to be presented to the British Psychological Society Annual Conference in Glasgow tomorrow says that vigorous exercise helps boost mood but moderate exercise does not. Researchers from Manchester Metropolitan University’s department of exercise and sport science found volunteers taking part in the study said they felt more positive after a strenuous work-out (i.e. one that left them out of breath and with muscles burning) than they did after less taxing exercise.

Nickolas Smith, of Manchester Metropolitan University’s department of exercise and sport science, said: “These results have implications for the recommended intensity of exercise required to produce the ‘feel good factor’ often experienced following exercise.

“There are also implications regarding how people new to regular exercise should expect to feel during the exercise itself if they are to experience post-exercise mood benefits.” Click here for more info >

3 responses to “It’s good to feel the burn…

  1. I can totally agree with the findings – at least from my own sample of one perspective! Now my runners high after a hard session is backed up by science too.

  2. Caroline Turner

    What I thought all along while the ‘You don’t need to overdo it to get results’ school of thought was fashionable.

  3. I agree with Michelle, there is a difference between exercise and recreation. I personally feel great after a heavy workout!

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