First PTs, now children

Hot on the heels of the news Hammersmith and Fulham Council has introduced a yearly license fee for Personal Trainers wanting to use its parks for business, Wandsworth Council (also in London) has announced it will charge children to use playgrounds.

Council chiefs claim they’ve been forced to introduce the £2.50 a head levy to use an adventure playground area in Battersea Park because of Government cuts. The weekend-only pay-to-play scheme will start in October this year.

A report in the Daily Mirror states that nearly 12,700 children live in the borough, nearly a third in poverty. It also reports the borough has a higher than average rate of child obesity. Click here to read more >

3 responses to “First PTs, now children

  1. If there is an opportunity to make money, it is often taken. Health and fitness is not a top priority for the government due to the allowance of obscene adverts that glorify fast food consumption for example. If it can make a few quid out of charging for park use, I guess it will!

  2. I think it is a disgrace charging kids to play and PT’s having to pay to exercise clients is equally poor. Do driving instructors have to pay a levy to give lessons on our roads? I walk in Bushy Park and I have been charged £1008.00 this year to nordic walk my clients in the park. I challenged the cost but it fell on deaf ears and the same scenario government cuts, the Park was not willing to say who paid what and reserve the right to charge different people different amounts. Feeling perplexed I wrote to the Department of Culture Media and Sport and my letter hasn’t actually been answered properly again avoiding certain issues. Furthermore, to my disbelief if I want to walk in Richmond Park which is another royal park near to Bushy park I then have to pay another fee as each park has its own budget. I have been told that if you don’t pay then the police will be informed!! How on earth can a park determin who is exercising who and when, therefore if you have a business and a visible website you are penalised but if you go under the radar of the park police all well and good, again chasing PT’s around a park doesn’t seem like a good use of resources, when people are being robbed and crime is at a high, there you have the local bobby chasing innocent people trying to earn a crust. Now lets get a grip, we are exercising people, something the government is meant to be promoting, and of course there is the obesity issue too. How is a PT meant to make a living when he/she is penalised? I also work part-time so I pay tax with my part-time job, I also pay tax with my business, I then have to run the business and account for my time so the sums speak for themselves. I recently saw and clip on BBC breakfast where they compared a PT along side BMF, the BMF spokesman said of course PT’s should pay it ensures regualation. Then again BMF are a nationwide operation, similar to Virgin Active or other large fitness providers earning a mint so I think this whole pay system is farcical and if anything, it should be done on income earned and not flat fees. Paying to use the park has become somewhat of a passion to me in that the system of charging is unfair, it isn’t balance and cannot be balanced as it cannot be monitored.

  3. Caroline Turner

    I can see that this system of charging trainers to use parks is going to cost more to police then it will probably make in revenue. Doh! It will be the lower priced trainers who train the poorer clients who will suffer most, meaning that the poor will become less healthy while nothing changes for the rich. I can see in the future anyone who wants to exercise in parks being charged….hope the NHS can cope with the increase of unhealthy people who will be putting an extra strain on it’s services

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