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The 2011 Working in Fitness Survey goes live this month and REPs registered instructors are being invited to take part.

The on-line questionnaire will run from May to July and be accessed by clicking here: www.skillsactive.com/survey/WIF2011/

Run each year the study, developed by SkillsActive and REPs, is viewed by the fitness industry as providing an accurate snapshot of current working conditions.

5 responses to “Have your say……

  1. Iain Murray

    hi i am just letting you know that i feel that i was miss sold my reps package through premier maybe just a mistake on some ones behalf i was told that i would received
    posters to boost my advertising
    cards ect witch i have still not been sent i have tried to contact premier prior to this with no success still havent got my student card any time i phone premier i just get a answering machine i hope u will be able to help in this matter .p.s i have not been sent any discounts awards on goods that i was told about sports kit when i singed up for my reps payment as i finished my course in august 10 i hope to hear from you soon

    Many Thanks Iain Murray

  2. Tried to do SkillsActive survey, but at Q 7, it wouldn’t let me progress, stating that my answer didn’t add up to 100% (which it did, as I checked it).

    I pressed the ‘next’ button anyway – and seemed to be able to complete the survey.

    So, definitely worth checking up on! It nearly put me off completing the survey…

  3. Hi Iain, you should be able to order posters and appointment cards via the Members’ Area of the REPs website (www.exerciseregister.org). Clearly the REPs’ team is unable to get involved in matters between you and Premier but it can certainly help you with your membership and registration. If you don’t have any luck on-line do email info@exerciseregister.org or ring the office on 020 8686 6464. Best of luck

  4. Hi Tracy, sorry to hear about the problems you experienced. I’ve passed your comments onto the technical team at SkillsActive. Thanks for letting us know.

  5. Jonathan

    Hi Tracy – I’ve checked the working of the survey and all seems ok this end – you do have to have a number in each box, even if it’s a ‘zero’ – so that may have been the problem. If you did have a zero in each box of Q7 then I’m not sure where the problem lies, but thanks for letting us know anyway.


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