2011 State of the Industry Report shows strong stance

The UK health and fitness industry has maintained a total market value of £3.81 billion, its first flat annual performance in ten years, concludes the 2011 FIA State of the UK Fitness Industry report. Since the start of the recession, in 2008, the fitness industry has grown its total market value by 4%, increased the member base by 2% whilst increasing the number of fitness facilities by a further 1.7%.

The 2011 reports indicates that the industry has experienced a small but not unexpected dip in membership levels of 0.3% and a small net loss of fitness facilities from 5,885 to 5,852, according to independent leisure market analysts, The Leisure Database Company, who compile the report on behalf of the industry’s trade body the FIA.

Growth in the industry has been driven by a good performance from public fitness operators. The public sector saw growth across three key performance indicators: increasing sites open by 20, a growth in membership numbers of 2% and an impressive growth in market value of 5.8%.  Low cost operators have also contributed to this.

Summary of Key Facts

  • Total Market Value (public and private sectors combined) is estimated at £3.81 billion, sustained from 2010 and up 4% since 2008.
  • 11.9 per cent of the UK population are now registered as members of a health and fitness club or publicly-owned fitness facility.
  • Total industry membership base has seen a slight decline (0.3%) to 7.3 million over the past 12 months; however this is a 2% increase since 2008.
  • 149 new public and private fitness facilities opened in the 12 month period ending 31st March 2010, up from 122 in 2010 and 114 openings in 2009.
  • 125 public and private fitness facilities closed in the reported period.
  • There are now 5,852 fitness facilities in the UK; down from 5,885 in 2010 and up 1.7% since 2008.

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