Update on park charges for PTs

The article about Hammersmith and Fulham Council introducing charges for PTs using its parks and open spaces generated a heated debate with REPs members airing their views.

In response a council representative tells their side of the story…. read more >

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3 responses to “Update on park charges for PTs

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  2. I tried to read the rest of the story about park charges for PTs in Hammersmith and Fulham but it wouldn’t go to the next part. Could you please email me the feature? Thank you. annie@anniedeadman.com.

  3. P.s I have been charged by Richmond Borough Council £650 per year for 2 sessions per week to use the tiniest patch of grass. I honestly don’t mind paying something. If I owned a piece of land and someone wanted to use it to make money, then I would expect a cut. But the fees are outrageously high. What is unreasonable is the blanket ‘no-negotiation’ charge. It is the same for me with one other instructor as it is for British Military Fitness, which seems unfair.

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