FIA launches research unit

Cupping Manual Sponsor AdThe Fitness Industry Association (FIA) has launched a Research Institute at the University of Greenwich.

Led by the University’s Prof. Alfonso Jimenez, who has extensive experience in the field of sport and exercise science, it is supported by a Scientific Advisory Board chaired by the FIA Chief Medical Officer, Dr John Searle OBE.  Its pilot study will launch in September. Academics and representatives of The British Association of Sport and Exercise Science, The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine and Commissioning bodies, such as the Association of the Directors of Public Health also support the institute.

The principle objective of the institute will be to re-balance the current focus of research more towards structured forms of exercise. The first programme will be the FIASES (FIA Structured Exercise Research Study) an evidence-based dose-response 12 weeks intervention study. Speaking at the launch of the institute, Dr John Searle said that the launch of the new body was a “significant development” for the fitness industry.

2 responses to “FIA launches research unit

  1. should be good for the industry. so much myth and supposition in the fitness world.

  2. Neil Shipley

    Can someone tell me in plain English exactly what they are going to research? Seems like a smokescreen for keeping boffins in jobs. Who will be paying for this?

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