Council charges – have your say

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The news that Hammersmith and Fulham Council has started to charge Personal Trainers who use its parks and open spaces to train clients has caused disbelief and outrage amongst REPs members.

Other councils have since introduced charges – sometimes up more than £1,000 a year – and REPs members have been voicing their concerns over these charges.
REPS Board Chairman, and former MP and Shadow Minister for Sport, John Greenway has requested a meeting with Sports Minister Hugh Roberston to raise the issues facing PTs who are being charged to use parks and public spaces by councils. Before this meeting we would like to hear more from members, around the country, who have first hand experience of such charges and the impact they have.

If you would like your views taken into account please fill in our short survey by clicking here.

2 responses to “Council charges – have your say

  1. It is good to see that someone is prepared to speak out and on behlf of Personal Trainers. I think it would be good to invite the Sports Minister to an open debate with Personal Trainers who can then ask their own specific questions. I would welcome a meeting with Mark Camley CEO of Bushy Park and the DCMS John Penrose, because each and every time I have raised issues about Park Charges Mr Camley has skirted the issues and cannot be pinned down. The Royal Parks charge me £1008.00 per year to nordic walk clients aged 50 plus around Bushy Park. If I want to walk in Richmond Park I would have to make another application and would be charged another £1008.00 per park. What do I get for my money? Absolutely nothing, no advertising, no promotions, no brochure with my details in it, we cannot even put a note on the park notice board. There is also the issue of confidentiality and the Freedom of information. Royal Parks are not prepared to share information about who pays what, they are selective and will not discuss issues, they bury their heads and hope the situation will go away. I have written to my local Mp at Spelthorne who was unhelpful, I have written to Vince Cable, Zac Goldsmith and David Cameron all of who seem to have more important issues to deal with. Zac Goldsmiths office being the most helpful it has to be said. However, as I do not live in Richmond Borough they could not help me and my MP is less than impressive. I would be happy to speak at any board, happy to meet and voice the opinion of the Personal Trainer and I think we should all stand together and ask for an open meeting where we can debate the issues.

    Beverley Boon

  2. Ghizz

    Hi Beverely,
    Are you still waiting from reply from REPs? I think they are waste of time if you have to wait this long. There is another “thread” which you may care to look at – if you type “parks” into the search part you’ll see what Sarah Owen and JAM really think about park charges. Forgive me for being cynical but your money goes to finance their “work”, drinking champagne, staying in plush hotels and having a jolly good time. I think there should be another “register” just for PT’s. Afterall that’s all REPs is, a register, a glorified database!


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