Are you getting the salary & benefits package you deserve?

Rehab Trainer
The 2011 Working in Fitness Survey is now in its last few days – we would like as many responses as possible, and so we encourage you to complete the survey if you haven’t already done so.  The survey will run until the beginning of August and can be completed by clicking here:

Your contribution is really important so that we get a good and true picture of jobs in the industry. You can be assured that the survey will be totally confidential, and will be analysed anonymously with the results being reported at regional and occupational levels only. No one will be able to identify individual answers.

To have a chance of winning £250 towards a training course to aid continued professional development just fill in your e-mail address at the end of the survey to be entered in the prize draw.

2 responses to “Are you getting the salary & benefits package you deserve?

  1. Mark Sturman

    With the public service thinking they are getting a raw deal. I was talking to a nurse and a teacher the other day, they where shocked to know that in the Fitness Industry most of us don’t get full sick pay so having 3 months off for depression on full pay would never happen. No over time payments the private sector just expects you to do it all else you know where the door is. Promotion is not what you know its who you know. This might sound like a moan but it annoys me, I’ve been in this Industry for 14 years now and I can assure you I don’t do it for money, but the love of health & fitness. But now I’m thinking of changing direction extra. Hope you survey goes well!

    • MW

      The fact is so long as employers can attract young people to undertake the work at a low rate they need not pay any more. As there seems no issue with recruitment into the industry then employers need to pay no more – attraction of new employees is not an issue for them. Employers do not seem to be bothered about staff turnover as there is always a new recuit available.

      The only way is increase pay scales is for the industry to become more professional with payment for qualifications/experience for employees but all the time employers can utilise self employed people cheaper i.e. without sick pay/holiday pay/redundancy responsibilities then that is how the industry will operate.

      Tough facts but that is the truth in a market economy.

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