Peer wrong to slate exercise says Chief Medical Officer

Printable advice leaflets for your clientsDr John Searle, Chief Medical Officer for the Fitness Industry Association (FIA), has responded to an article in the Daily Mail which quotes a peer in the House of Lords condemning the Government’s promotion of exercise as a way to tackle the obesity crisis. In the article Lord McColl of Dulwich, a former professor and director of surgery at Guy’s Hospital in London, is reported as asking Health Minister Earl Howe during the House of Lords’ question time: “We are in the middle of the most serious epidemic to have hit this country for 100 years – the obesity epidemic. The cure is free – you just have to eat less. “Why does the Department of Health insist that exercise is important in this equation?”

Writing on behalf of both the FIA and the Register of Exercise Professionals Dr Searle slammed Lord McColl’s comments as misleading and irresponsible. He said: “Lord McColl is correct – we are in the midst of a serious obesity epidemic. However that is where our agreement ends! As the article rightly points out his comments contradict the evidence that exercise is an effective means of reducing the risk of a number of chronic conditions and it can also boost mood, confidence and our day to day energy. The latest guidelines from the Chief Medical Officers of the four home countries clearly sets out the evidence base for physical activity and exercise and any comments to the contrary simply undermine attempts to persuade people to be more physically active. “Of course there is no one single solution to the obesity issue. However there is now overwhelming evidence that in order to maintain a healthy body weight which in turn reduces the risk of a range of chronic conditions, we must have a healthy diet and undertake regular exercise. To advocate anything else is misleading and irresponsible.”

To read a full copy of the article click here >

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