27% of adults not getting enough active minutes

JLT Sponsor bannerPeople are being urged to look at the amount of activity-time in their lives as part of a new campaign. The Get Going Campaign is being launched as part of the Change4Life initiative, and calls for adults to be more active everyday.

“Doing a little bit of physical activity each day offers huge benefits. That is why my UK colleagues and I recently updated the guidelines so they were more flexible for everyone,” says chief medical officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies. “Adults can now get their 150 active minutes a week in sessions of ten minutes or more. This can be from enjoyable everyday activites such as walking at a good pace or even digging in the garden.”

Health Minister Lord Howe adds: “I hope this new campaign encourages everyone to find new flexible ways of increasing their own activity levels.” More >

One response to “27% of adults not getting enough active minutes

  1. Great article but please don’t forget us up in Scotland and across in Wales and Northern Ireland! The Get Going Campaign is only for those in England – you can’t get further tips unless you state you live there…and i’m in Scotland. So perhaps see if you can include similar ideas from across the borders!

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