Harman: ‘Sport and leisure inspires people’

Shadow culture secretary Harriet Harman has hailed the role of sport and leisure in acting as an inspiration to people and for providing jobs and opportunities for young people across the UK. Addressing the Business in Sport and Leisure (BISL) 2011 Conference at London’s Lord’s Cricket Ground at the beginning of the month (10 November), Harman was making one of her first major speeches since taking over the shadow culture brief from Ivan Lewis last month.

Delegates were told how sport and leisure continues to remain an important part of people’s lives, as well as forming part of the UK’s national identity. Meanwhile, Harman also hailed the sector’s role in employing one-in-four young people, while emphasising how important sport and leisure will be in keeping an ageing UK population healthy.

Harman told the BISL 2011 Conference: “I look forward to working with you to develop a new plan for jobs and growth in sports and leisure; to protect sports in our regions; to protect sports in schools; and to secure opportunities for young people in sports and leisure. It’s vital for the economy, it’s vital for young people and for the country as well.”

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