Being fit is more important than being fat

A new study suggests that it is better to be overweight and active than normal weight and sedentary in terms of risk of mortality.

Using data from the Cooper Centre Longitudinal Study exercise scientist Steven Blair claims physical inactivity is the biggest public health problem of the 21st century.

He says a focus on weight-loss and diet is less important than a focus on keeping fit.

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4 responses to “Being fit is more important than being fat

  1. Jacqui Der Karapetian

    Regular exercise helps our bodies to remain, or become, fit & healthy both mentally & physically. I have seen the beneficial effects of exercise, as well as the adverse effects that the lack of exercise has, on many people be they fat, thin, disabled or recovering from illness. The benefits of exercise should never be underestimated whatever shape or size a person is. Apart from maintaining or helping with weight loss, exercise acts as a mood booster, reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases, reduces stress levels, strengthens muscles, keeps joints mobile, increases self esteem and boosts the immune system……. to mention but a few!

    Yes, you can lose weight without exercising but you will have to watch what you eat for the rest of your life, whereas if you exercise as well as eat healthily, keeping off those extra pounds is much easier. Exercise is not only key to helping reduce obesity but is increasingly being seen, by medical professionals, as a standard part of recovery & rehabilitation after illness, in addition to rest.

    Obesity is fast becoming a world- wide issue due to more sedentary & unhealthy lifestyles. The more sedentary we are or become, the quicker our bodies begin to break down. This, in turn, increases the strain put on the individual, on society, on medical institutions and so on.

    Exercise needs to be integral to our daily lives (as is sleeping, eating, drinking etc) therefore it is so important to chose an activity/type of exercise that you enjoy & fits your lifestyle and allows you to keep exercising regularly – there is so much to chose from! I agree that people of all shapes & sizes need to focus on what helps them become healthier and that some form of exercise should be part of this focus (for reasons already stated) as, without our health, quality of life is invariably affected.

  2. I would have to agree on this one. The lack of activity in modern society is a major problem.

  3. It’s very easy to say that you’ll exercise, but unless you set aside a specific time,
    it’s also very easy for that commitment to fall by the wayside. If you are not in the pink of health, then weight loss surgery is obviously not for you as you may not only fail in losing weight but ended up losing your life as well. All studies show the positive effects of bariatric surgery and could help type 2 diabetes and obese patients receive free insurance coverage for weight loss surgery.

  4. America is a “microwave” country, and it is not surprising that teens are resorting to
    the dangerous gastric band to solve an overweight problem.
    Bariatric surgery, the surgical reduction of stomach volume,
    has been performed for decades in the United States.
    AIIMS, Fortis Health Care, Max are some of the famous hospitals
    where Bariatric surgery is performed.

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