Do your clients ask you for weight loss advice? If so, it could be worth £50

If the answer is yes we’d like your views on a brand new online service being designed for personal trainers and exercise professionals. You could receive £50 for your help as all completed questionnaires received by the 31st Jan 2012 will be entered into a prize draw.

Already available is a subscription online food and exercise diary service to help the general public lose weight.  The food diary sets a personal calorie target and tracks calories eaten. The user can search and add products from a food database of 90,000 items. It also monitors alcohol units, 5-a-day and calories burned through exercise.

Why we need you
A number of PT’s have asked if it’s possible to use this service for their clients.  In response, we are creating a weight loss service specifically tailored for PT’s needs to assist you in helping clients who are trying to lose weight.

Please click here >> to answer a short questionnaire and be entered into a draw to win £50 in cash. Responses must be received by Tuesday 31st Jan 2012.

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Three arguably obsessive passions: german shepherd dogs, the role of technology in publishing, and my own publishing company sportEX. Clearly none of these are mutually exclusive!

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2 responses to “Do your clients ask you for weight loss advice? If so, it could be worth £50

  1. ‘Click here’ link is ineffective.

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