REPs Public Awareness Update

As part of its 10th Anniversary celebrations the Register of Exercise Professionals has started 2012 with a public awareness campaign – and has already reached more than 5 million people. The campaign aims to direct members of the public to seeing REPs registration as a kite mark of safe and effective exercise and to challenge those instructors who are not registered to sign-up to REPs.

Jean-Ann explains: “We’d like to make checking your instructor is REPs’ registered as automatic as checking your heating engineer is Gas-Safe compliant. Our members are highly-qualified, motivated professionals and we need the general public to recognise them as such. We want to get the REPs message out to the people it was set up to protect and are delighted with the start we’ve made with the radio interviews which reached more than 1.5 million listeners. We’ve also been featured in London Evening Standard,, The People and, and are working with major consumer magazines to position REPs’ members as exercise experts.”

To help meet this goal REPS is working with consumer public relations agency BOTTLE PR. The team there will be working with the media to secure coverage. BOTTLE MD Claire Cairns said: “Key to this will be challenging consumers to check their instructors’ qualifications before hiring them, thus causing those in the fitness industry to ensure they are included on the Register immediately. BOTTLE will deliver campaigns to support REPs in national, consumer and trade media.”

Jean Ann Marnoch, Registrar of REPs, added: “BOTTLE understood our brief and presented strong, well informed campaigns which really communicate our core messages. Only 28,000 instructors have been approved by the Register, and it is difficult to know just how many instructors there are in theUKwho are working without the necessary qualifications. We need to make a stand against these instructors and we are pleased to have BOTTLE on board to raise awareness of the current situation.”

Centered around the theme of using exercise to keep spirits up in January (in particular black Monday January 23rd which is officially the most depressing day of the year) REPs Registrar Jean-Ann Marnoch joined celebrity personal trainer Professor Greg Whyte in the studio for a day of radio interviews. As well as working with clients including Cheryl Cole, David Walliams and Eddie Izzard, Greg is regarded as a leading expert in the field of exercise physiology and sports performance and rehabilitation. Greg and Jean-Ann joined radio stations across the country to be interviewed on the importance of ensuring your trainer is suitably qualified. They spoke to 15 radio stations including: BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, BBC Cornwall, BBC Devon, BBC Guernsey, BBC Jersey, BBC RadioSomerset, Pure Radio (Stockport), Verulam FM (St Albans), Wave 102 (Dundee), Jack FM (Oxford), CheshireFM, Black Diamond FM (Edinburgh), Isle of Wight FM, SunriseYorkshireFM (Bradford)

Jean-Ann added: “People invest a lot of time and money in engaging the services of a fitness professional and we want that investment to pay off. We want people to understand what REPs is, why it exists and how it can work for them. We want them to use the facility on our website that allows them to verify their instructors’ registration status as well as searching for REPs trainers in their area. Already we’ve seen searches via our website increase over the last month and hope this continues well into the rest of the year.”

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