Are no-contract gyms the future of fitness?

An article in The Guardian argues the current financially straitened times could mean a boom in pay-as-you-play gyms. Journalist Rachel Platt looks at recent court cases brought by disgruntled customers fighting traditional gym contracts and the rise of budget gyms opening across the UK. To read more click here

What do you think – are the days of long-contract gyms over? Do gyms need to offer more bespoke services to customers allowing them to pick and chose levels of membership?  Could the rise of the budget gym be a positive for fitness professionals?

3 responses to “Are no-contract gyms the future of fitness?

  1. It really isn’t rocket science to know people are more motivated when working in a group. Exercise can be dull and boring when left to your own devices. When is this country and the Fitness Industry going to listen to the movers and shakers. Clearly we have a lot of people pushing paper in the wrong direction – take a fresh approach get the fitness professional cirle of excellence into action and get this country to change thought process. I am a fitness professional and I see first hand the amount of government money being pumped in the wrong directions. We have a crisis on obesity, millions of pounds being pumped into the system to tackle it yet not bright sparks with concrete solutions. As previously mentioned it is not rocket science.

    beverley boon trynordic

  2. Jane

    Hopefully this will put a stop to the shark-like big gym owners who want to tie people in to long contracts with no easy way out if circumstances change or if the club goes downhill

  3. Its simple why not offer both services, pay as you train or monthly subscriptions, I offer both services and dont have any complaints, Caroline, Ross Health And Fitness

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