ActiveAmbition to help sector drive business growth

SkillsActive, the sector skills council for active leisure, learning and wellbeing has announced a significant development with the launch and roll-out of its ActiveAmbition programme.
The aim of the programme is to help drive business growth by professionalising the active leisure sector, improving standards and raising the aspirations of current and prospective employers and employees through effective skills development.
Over the next two years ActiveAmbition, which has received co-investment from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills through the Employer Investment Fund (EIF), will see SkillsActive working with employers, trade associations and stakeholders across the UK, expanding on the work undertaken on the Skills Protocol within leisure.
James Emmett, Head of Employer Engagement at SkillsActive, comments: “It is widely recognised that upskilling existing and new employees is vital to the growth of the sector. ActiveAmbition represents a clear and simple framework to provide improved skills delivery for the industry, building on the work undertaken by leading leisure operators during 2011 to create the Skills Protocol and the subsequent report by the Skills Protocol Employer Leadership Group (SPELG)”.
ActiveAmbition will enable SkillsActive to work with all active leisure sub-sectors and the home nations to create appropriate skills protocols that fit with their development needs and growth ambitions.
ActiveAmbition will connect employers to solutions that the protocol identifies as priorities, through activepassport™, networks of approved training providers and the single qualifications framework.
To find out more about ActiveAmbition, please visit

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