REPs’ Customer Satisfaction Survey 2012

• 95 per cent of REPs’ registrants say having a registration body that provides recognition of professional status is important.
• 82 per cent feel well-supported by the Register.
• Customer satisfaction amongst members contacting the REPs’ team has grown by nearly 20 per cent in the last three years.

A record number of REPs’ registrants have taken part in the fourth REPS Customer Satisfaction Survey.

This year 1,930 current members (and lapsed registrants) took part – nearly four times as many as last year making this year’s annual survey the most comprehensive to date.

The value of the Register

Nearly all REPs’ registrants feel that a membership body that provides recognition of professional status is either very or fairly important (95%). A record number this year feel it is very important at 72%.

This year has seen a 9% increase in the proportion of those who feel very or fairly well supported by the Register, taking the total to 82%.

The proportion of members who think the Register is well advertised or promoted (very and fairly) has risen to 6 out of 10 this year, from 50% in 2011.

Satisfaction with information, products and services

Insurance services were voted the most commonly used product, (utilised by 6 out of 10 registrants). Of those asked 65% said it was very important. Ranked by very and fairly important, the registration certificate/card is neck and neck with insurance services, followed by the REPs’ Journal and CPD online guidance.

Insurance services and the REPs’ Journal were rated very or fairly good by more than 7 out of 10 members, followed by the registration certificate/card.

Satisfaction with registration by new members

Almost three out of ten respondents joined REPs in the last year, so we asked them about their experiences registering for the first time. There has been a substantial improvement in satisfaction with the initial registration process since last year, with a 14 per cent increase in those who are very satisfied with the information provided, a 15 per cent rise in the proportion of new registrants who are very satisfied with the simplicity of the application forms and a 12 per cent rise in the proportion of those very satisfied with communication with the REPs’ office.

Another important area has been improving customer service. Almost half of registrants (48%) had been in contact with REPs in the past year mainly by telephone (80%). Queries were mainly about REPs status, registration, CPD and insurance. Overall, 8 in 10 respondents felt their query was dealt with to their satisfaction in 2012, 10% more than in 2011.

Registar Jean-Ann Marnoch said: “Feedback from our registrants is the most important indicator we have that we’re doing a good job. While there is, as ever, room for improvement we’re very pleased with these results, which the team has worked hard to achieve.

“Although our main role is to protect the well-being and interests of the general public and professionalise the industry we are always keen to listen to the views of our registrants and improve the services and products we offer them.”

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