222,000 OAPs break bones in falls each year

More than 220,000 pensioners break their bones as a result of a fall every year, figures have suggested.

Age UK said that in England in 2010, more than 88,000 people aged over 60 fractured a hip, 43,000 broke an arm and nearly 17,000 suffered a fractured pelvis.

The charity warned that falls are one of the leading causes of death in over-75s.

Age UK, which released the figures as part of its Falls Awareness Week, urged elderly people to take part in programmes which improve strength and balance.

Charity director general Michelle Mitchell said: “The impact of a fall can be devastating and the scale of the issue is a real concern, especially as we know that prevention is so much better than cure.

“Age UK’s Falls Awareness Week highlights this important issue and provides a host of local community events so that older people can find out about helping to prevent falls and keep bones strong and healthy.

“We’re encouraging people to go to an event to find out how to introduce simple strength and balance exercises into day-to-day life to help prevent falls. The events will also look at the importance of getting out in the sunshine and incorporating calcium and sources of vitamin D in your diet. This all helps to strengthen bones to protect you if you do fall.”

6 responses to “222,000 OAPs break bones in falls each year

  1. Daniella

    Idealy there needs to be more appropriate, affordable and accessible venues and activities for older populations.

  2. Carl Magedera

    Great article which highlights how important it is to include seniors in our gyms, actively seek them for our classes, and to get further qualifications that will help us to help them.

  3. For those who aren’t sure where to start when training the senior members at their gyms, check out the Training the Over 50’s book by Sue Griffin – available from Skills Active http://shop.skillsactive.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=1729

  4. deborah barnett

    There are many British Wheel of Yoga classes across the country which develop strength, bone density and balance. There is also an element of relaxation and breathing exercises to improve lung capacity.

  5. Training older adults is a massive market and I have a few clients in their late 50’s who are really benefiting from quite intense training. I have written a series of blogs about the silly belief that we need to curl up and just fade away as we age as well.

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