Exercising in mid-life protects the heart

Researchers have found exercise during your 40s and 50s can help protect your heart – even if you wait until your 40s to start exercising.

According to a report published in the American Heart Association’s Journal on Circulation individuals who did the recommended 2.5 hours of exercise a week had lower levels of inflammatory markers in their blood.

Inflammatory markers are important, say experts, because high levels have been linked to increased heart risk.

Individuals reporting to have stuck to the recommended amount of exercise throughout out 10-year study had the lowest inflammatory levels overall.

Even those who said they only took up the recommended amount of exercise when they in their 40s had lower levels of inflammation than people under-exceeding recommendations for exercise.

Dr Mark Hamer, of University College London, who led the research, said:

“We should be encouraging more people to get active – you can gain health benefits from moderate activity at any time in your life.

“This research highlights the positive impact changing your exercise habits can have on the future of your heart health – and that it’s never too late to re-energise your life.

“However it’s important not to wait until you retire to get off the couch, as being active for life is a great way to keep your heart healthy.”

Read the full story here

2 responses to “Exercising in mid-life protects the heart

  1. Great news for the couch potatoes! I would add, though, that if you look at 2.5 hours a week over 10 years I’m not convinced that for most people it would add up even if they think they are doing the recommended amount. The average exercising person goes out to run for 15 to 30 minuites maybe once or twice a week or pops into a gym class for an hour ( not an hours continuous exercise) . Is this only cardio exercise or does Yoga, Pilates, walking the dog, housework or cycling to get the paer all count? Can we be more specific, after all, this is the real world we are talking about.

  2. Oh I’m delighted to hear this!!!

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