My Journey of Becoming a Fitness Professional

Read our latest blog courtesy of the lovely, Helena Philippou; Registered Exercise Professional and REPs Council Member…

As a REPs accredited personal trainer, I find great reward in leading others to a fitter, more balanced lifestyle, especially as I have already been through that journey myself.

For many years I battled with my own weight, fluctuating between dress sizes and adopting a series of fad celeb crash diets…what a mistake!

After a while I decided to make a total lifestyle change, which was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I remember the moment when I started feeling great about my body and I even had friends offering me money to help them achieve their fitness goals. At this point I wasn’t qualified to offer this type of support, which is when I turned to REPs.  This was the moment when I decided I wanted to be part of the fitness industry and become a fitness professional to help others reach their goals – the real way!

Each REPs accredited course and opportunity for Continual Professional Development (CPD) which I’ve taken part in has allowed me to gain insight of how exercise and diet are so closely related.

I have developed a really good understanding of physiology and nutrition, including the knowledge to ensure my clients can achieve and maintain their ideal weight (through a combination of healthy eating and physical activity).

For me the importance of training both body and mind come hand in hand. Offering my experience across all aspects of training gives me great satisfaction and my aim is to continue delivering this level of support to all of my clients.

Helena Philippou, REPs Council Member.

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