REPsTeam Reviews ShockAbsorber Ultimate Run Bra

Two weeks ago a few (female) members of the REPs team began road testing the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run bra, to find out if this product really made a difference to their running experience.

Being regular running club goers, all of the team put their bras fully to the test, with one ‘road tester’ clocking up an impressive 22 miles in just one week!

Here’s a report from one of the ladies Natasha:

The bra was easy to fit, and once on, felt comfortable and supportive.

After just one test run, we all noticed a significant decrease in bounce while running with the Shock Absorber bra.

I think for me, the main thing is feeling confident that I’m taking care of my body and preventing any unnecessary damage to my breasts. I would never wear an uncomfortable pair of trainers, so why should my sports bra be any different?

According to research¹ 44% of women don’t wear a sports bra to exercise at all!

If you don’t wear a sports bra or if you’re looking for more support during exercise, then this exclusive offer for REPs members may be of interest:


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  1. 1.    GFK Shock Absorber U&A study 2012

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Our research prior to developing the app revealed that the largest proportion of REPs members use iPhones hence our decision to launch this version initially.

We will be assessing the app post-launch, looking into opportunities to develop a version that is compatible with other smart phones, so keep an eye out for any news.

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REPs Receives Government Recognition!

The Government recently highlighted the importance of being a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and the Register’s positive impact on the health of the nation.

In its response to the House of Lords’ report on the Olympic legacy and the nation’s health, the Government stated that:

“Registration through REPS signifies that gym instructors meet minimum National Occupational Standards for the knowledge, competencies and skills needed to perform their specific role. For those delivering exercise referral, the required level of registration is determined by the clinical needs of the referral population.

We would encourage all commissioners of exercise referral schemes to make use of appropriately trained and qualified exercise professionals (and eventually compliance with the updated guidelines for exercise referral) a contractual requirement.”

John Greenway President of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) highlighted the importance of the comments made by the committee:

“We welcome the Government’s recognition of the qualification framework which REPs has established to facilitate exercise referral as a major contributor to improving health outcomes. We look forward to working with the Government to encourage an increased uptake of exercise referral to appropriately qualified REPs members”.

Follow this link to view the full report here, with reference to REPs on page 5.

Make Sure You And Your Clients Have The Support They Need!



85% of women who wear a sports bra agree that it helps to improve their enjoyment of exercise yet there are still 44% of women that don’t wear a sports bra to exercise at all!

Strange really when you know the potential long term effects of not wearing a sports bra, not to mention the discomfort of exercising without one (find out more in January issue of the REPs Journal).

Make sure you are preventing yourself and your clients against long-term damage to your breasts by wearing a sports bra.

Did you know that a G cup can bounce up to 14cms whilst exercising, a D cup can bounce up to 9cms and even an A cup can bounce up to 4cms! A Shock Absorber sports bra can help to reduce this bounce by up to 78%. It’s no good wearing a normal bra – this will only reduce bounce by up to 38%

So, whether you are male or female, make sure you’re offering the right advice to any of your clients that aren’t wearing a sports bra (55% of them won’t even have considered it!)

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Either of Shock Absorber’s best-selling & award winning bras are recommended: Ultimate Run bra (as pictured below) and Active Multi Sports Support bra.


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Exercise – Found to Reduce Depression amongst Cancer Patients


The first study into the lasting benefits of exercising during cancer treatment has shown regular exercise to reduce depression in cancer patients.

A team of researchers at the Universities of Strathclyde and Dundee looked at two groups of women who were first diagnosed with cancer five years ago.  One group was enrolled on an exercise programme during treatment while the other group was not.

The results of this study, published in the Journal of Cancer Survivorship, revealed that, five years later, those who took part in the exercise programme engaged in more physical activity than the control group. They also consistently experienced lower levels of depression and increased quality of life than their less active cohorts.

Dr Anna Campbell, Lecturer in Clinical Exercise Science at the University of Dundee, (part of the research team who led the study) said:

“This is the first study to follow cancer patients five years after a randomised controlled trial to determine if there are any lasting benefits of the exercise intervention. The results were much more positive than we had expected – with evidence of lasting benefits of increased positive mood and more active daily living. 

In particular, the women given the group exercise intervention were still achieving on average 50 to 350 minutes of extra physical activity per week compared to the controls – and this could most likely provide considerable health benefits to these cancer survivors”.

The research was funded by charity Macmillan Cancer Support which runs a Move More campaign aimed at encouraging those with cancer to take regular exercise.

Elaine McNish, Physical Activity Programme Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, added:

“This latest research provides yet more evidence of the benefits of physical activity for people living with cancer during and after treatment. Macmillan’s Move More campaign is calling for health professionals to talk to cancer patients about keeping active. In order for them to be able to signpost people to local services, we want public health commissioners to commission physical activity services for cancer in the same way they do for heart disease.”

More details on this study can be found here.

An Insight into Small Group Training

Read this interesting article below, provided by Adam Daniel (REPs member, Personal Trainer, Educator and Presenter in the UK) on Small Group Training:

Many group exercise instructors assume that because they can manage a room of 20 people they will be great at group Personal Trainer (PT). Some PTs assume that because they know how to train one person, they can train four. It’s the same thing right?  Not true.

Small Group Training is a very different animal and is becoming increasingly popular amongst PTs as it brings in greater revenue per hour. This is great when delivered effectively, however this form of training is commonly misunderstood and often badly delivered.

What is Small Group Training? 

‘A fee based, systematic, periodised program designed and configured for 2-8 people covering all aspects of exercise designed to get results with the majority of clients the majority of the time, utilising options due to the presence of multiple skill sets and goals’ (Robert Esquerre).

The take home points from this explanation are:


How Do I Do It?

Well let’s break down the above definition based on what I do.

  • I run 30 minute sessions 4 x per week with eight people in each session paying £10 pp. Two sessions are run back to back each time giving me an hourly rate of £160 (fee based).
  • The sessions are run on the same day and at the same time each week, with the first session being for lead-off clients and the second session being for the transitional clients (multiple skill sets).
  • As I know the skill level of each group I am able to write an eight week periodised programme for each group.
  • Because I use ViPRs I have the ability to regress or progress an exercise instantaneously if needed (Goals and multiple skill sets – meeting client’s needs).
  • As long as I know the above structure is applied then I know that results will be achieved.

Structure of Workout

Movement Preparation + Games (ViPR) – 5 minutes

Main Session – 2 groups of 4; 1 group completes a set number of Step Sprints (group A), whilst the other (group B) completes a ViPR circuit. Once group A completes the steps, the groups swap over. Repeat x 4 -20 minutes

Mobility (ViPR) – 5 minutes

Please Note – Using ViPRs allows me to differentiate myself from other small group programme.

More about Adam:

Adam has been in the fitness industry for 15 years, joining from an elite sporting background having been an international 400 metre hurdler. He currently works as a respected Personal Trainer, Educator and Presenter in the UK.

Aside from this, Adam is also  part of the PTA Global Faculty, an International Master Trainer for ViPR and a Lead Presenter for Fitpro where he specialises in the delivery and development of coaching and communication skill based courses and workshops, helping fitness professionals understand the importance of behaviour change.

Adam regularly presents at conventions and conferences throughout the UK and Europe including Register of Exercise Professionals regional conferences, he was also considered to be one of London’s top six personal trainers in the Evening Standard’s ES magazine.

Round up of the REPs Scottish Convention!

Nearly 100 attendees enjoyed a variety of sessions at The REPs Scottish Convention held in The Lagoon Leisure Centre, Paisley. The event included a brilliant keynote presentation from Phil Hanlon (University of Glasgow) on ‘What’s next for the Health of Society?’ – Phil was passionate, knowledgeable and very entertaining.

REPs Register, Jean-Ann, who was present on the day, gave the following feedback: 

The day was a great success with a selection of our industry’s best, giving invaluable advice and insight.

The day began with a slick BOSU (courtesy of the Physical Company) and Blast FX session (thanks to Fitness FX) led by Greg Sellar.

Adam Daniels, from FitPro/PTA Global, offered attendees a selection of innovative ideas, using all sorts of equipment from balloons to reaction balls. We also saw a great session on Children’s Fitness from the Fitness Education Academy as well a very Classical Pilates session.

Some very informative theory-based sessions included ‘Move More – Physical Activity and Cancer’ from Macmillan Cancer Support (in association with Canrehab and The Wright Foundation).

Lifetime Health and Fitness gave us their expertise with Eat Smart, Train Hard: Nutrition for Optimum Recovery, while YFIT gave a highly topical overview of ‘Working with Disabled Clients’.

Big thanks to Lagoon Leisure for providing such a great venue and Scotland… we can’t wait to come back next year!

And here’s some more feedback from Rebecca, another member of the REPs team:

It was great to meet so many members, new and prospective, at our convention in Glasgow yesterday!  As fitness professionals, we should all be continually striving to learn and maintain our curiosity – this is what keeps us at the top of our game.

After 21 years in this brilliant industry it is a joy to still be able to access new information and ideas at conventions like this.

Thanks to the Lagoon Leisure Centre in Paisley for their outstanding hospitality – great venue!

Changes to PPL

Please read our latest update, with an update from REPs Registrar, Jean-Ann Marnoch, on the changes to PPL…

Having come across various Facebook and blog comments regarding recent changes to PPL, I can see the reasons for most of the concerns.

As an Exercise To Music (ETM) teacher for 26 years I understand many of the issues and hope that I’m now in a position to put some clarity around the recent changes.


The PPL tariff in question was introduced over twenty years ago. Over that period, the price has only ever been altered based on inflation, adjusted in line with the Retail Price Index.

In that time, both the way our sector works and the way music is used has changed beyond recognition.

PPL first approached the FIA and REPs to start a review of this tariff in 2008. This came at the same time as the Australian Fitness Industry was facing a costly court battle based on unilateral fee rises which, in the end, resulted in a fee level far in excess of what has been agreed in the UK.

At the time, the FIA together with the working group which included REPs took the view that we would be better served working with PPL than fighting them through the courts; other industries had taken that option and failed.

PPL has a legal right to collect fees which are deemed to fairly value the use of music in public, so they have considerable support.

Working Group

Working with the FIA and the working group (experts drawn from across the sector including REPs, Les Mills, Fitpro and Industry Operators and PPL), REPs helped to conduct an extensive consultation with exercise professionals, both those that work within fitness facilities and in the wider community.

Whilst over 50% of Instructors reported doing more than 200 classes per year, less than 5% of the licences purchased by PPL covered this amount. The current system was not working and needed reform.

82% of professionals solely work at fitness facilities. The reforms to the system mean that their Employer will now be responsible for holding the licence.

68% of respondents, when given the choice, advocated a system whereby operators were responsible for classes in their facilities, and Instructors took responsibility for the classes that they ran at community venues. A further 15% advocated a sole operator responsibility. Exercise professionals were advocating a move to the system, which has now been adopted.

80% suggested that the ‘per class’ model should be the basis of the licence, with 70% arguing that this model  was the single most suitable determinant to base the fee, which in fact it has become.

Ultimately, whilst no-one ever welcomes an increase in fees, it is important that this agreement is viewed in the context of much larger increases in fees across other sectors (such as; retail, pubs and nightclubs), and in particular, the costly challenge faced by the Australian Fitness Industry to counter a unilateral increase in fees by the Australian equivalent of PPL.

It should be noted that the fee agreed by the Working Group, which included REPs, reflects a considerable reduction on the initial fees demanded by PPL at the start of the negotiation.  This agreement marks the result of four years of discussions between the FIA, its Working Group of experts drawn from across the sector (REPs, Les Mills, Fitpro and Industry Operators and PPL). The final fee, which will only come into effect in five years’ time, brings the fees to a comparable level with PRS for Music – an existing licence which exercise professionals are required to hold.

Finally, you should be aware that this fee is only for PPL licensable music and there are other providers ‘out there’ where you do not need to purchase a PPL licence to play their music. PPL were made fully aware during this process that there was considerable potential for Instructors to switch to rights included music, which Instructors should be willing to consider.

The below costing will come into effect on the 1st May 2013, for further information, and details on the transitional process please visit

1 May 2013 to 30 April 2014          £0.95 fee per class
1 May 2014 to 30 April 2015          £1.25 fee per class
1 May 2015 to 30 April 2016          £1.50 fee per class

REPs remit

It is worth reminding everyone of the reason for REPs.  It is NOT to act as a union for the members, quite the contrary actually, it is to protect the public and professionalise the industry and improve the credibility of the sector as a whole..

In fact we refuse entry to around 600 applicants per year because they don’t meet the agreed National Standards. We have also removed nine registrants from REPs in the last three years for breaching the Code of Ethical Conduct.

With 29,000 registrants we are able to gather opinion on subjects such as PPL, and are extremely happy to do so.

I can assure everyone that the FIA and the Working Group including REPs worked extremely hard on the industry’s behalf to get a huge reduction to the fee that was originally proposed and find a workable solution based on feedback from the REPs members.

Both REPS and the FIA welcome any further feedback and if you have any questions about the new system that we can help to answer, please do not hesitate to ask. We are happy to feed in your views to PPL and provide further clarity where possible.

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