Download Today – REPs Health and Fitness App!

Compatible with iPhones and other iOS Devices

Available for Registered Professionals and members of the public, our new FREE app is the ideal way to engage with your clients between sessions!

  • Download the app today and log in as a ‘REPs Instructor’ by entering the same email address which you use to log in to the REPs activepassport™.
  • Existing REPs Members – We will shortly be sending you an email, containing your unique app password.
  • Newly Joined REPs Members – Your unique app password will have been sent to you by email upon registering.
  • Encourage your clients to download the app and connect with you using the ‘Search for REPs Instructors’ function.


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Once you’re connected you will be able to;

  • Communicate with Clients Directly

Find out what your clients are doing outside of face-to-face sessions, via the Chat Section, allowing you to congratulate when they are working hard and motivate when they are slacking!

  • Maintain Engagement between Sessions

Track the exercise your clients have done and monitor the food they have been eating, using the Exercise Timeline, Run Tracker and Food Diary. This will allow you to create personalised goals and training programmes, setting your service above other professionals in the industry.

  • Track your own exercise

Remember you can even log your own exercise sessions and food intake to help you stay on track with your personal lifestyle goals!

Don’t have an iPhone?

Our research prior to developing the app revealed that the largest proportion of REPs members use iPhones hence our decision to launch this version initially.

We will be assessing the app post-launch, looking into opportunities to develop a version that is compatible with other smart phones, so keep an eye out for any news.

Follow this link to read the full product user guide including all of the app’s key features.

11 responses to “Download Today – REPs Health and Fitness App!

  1. Stuart Broughton

    I have been sent my rep password for your app. Every time I log in with my rep email and password sent to me. It says there wrong, every time. I look fwd to your reply to resolve

  2. Jennifer Reed

    I have downloaded the reps app but I can’t log on as an instructor – the screen won’t move on. Has anyone else had thus issue?

  3. Sheena Walker-Roberts

    I prefer to speak with my clients either face to face or by landline. This app is not for me.

  4. I don’t have an iPhone, but even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to use this app because I don’t have a password for logging in to activepassport. I can’t even use “forgotten your password” because it won’t accept my email address. I can’t access my CPD and I can’t even get a few extra points from journal articles because I won’t be able to log them. This has been going on for months and I’ve made repeated complaints, and each time I’ve been re-assured it’s going to be fixed within the next few days, but it never gets done.

    • Hi Mike, We’re really sorry to hear of your continued issues with activepassport. One of our team will be contacting you abou this. In the meantime rest assured you can still earn and log CPD points (visit the CPD & Training section of our website for more info). Hope this helps, The REPs Team.

      • I phoned the office yesterday to ask how many points I have got during the current year and they couldn’t tell me. If I submit an extra point from a journal article and then phone the office, will they be able to tell me that they have seen it go up by one point?

  5. Yesterday I had an e-mail from REPs giving me a password, then I had a phone call from someone who wanted to talk about my problems with activepassport, and he explained to me that the password could only be used with the iPhone app, not the website. It will be sometime yet before the website is sorted out and passwords become available for all users. In that case, since I don’t have an iPhone, is it possible to install an iPhone simulator on my PC and get this app working? There are various iPhone simulators available, mainly for testing apps, but will they be any use to someone who doesn’t actually have an iPhone? Is there anything you would recommend?

    • Stuart Broughton

      Mike, so far I’m very disappointed with Reps. They haven’t even replied to my problem with their new app. If they want me to use and recommend their app, there going the wrong way about it. They have sent me my password. Yet the system does not recognise me. My email log in dies not exist according to the app, yey reps sent my password to that same email address. Reps. Sort your customer service response out quickly.

      • Hi Stuart. I’m sorry to hear that you are disappointed with us. The app was designed to make it as easy as possible for your clients to use, which has resulted in the ‘Instructor login’ being slightly harder to find. Please follow this link for detailed instructions on how to login as an instructor. We are looking to signpost this better in our next release of the app. Hope this helps.

      • Stuart Broughton

        Thank you for your reply. I have followed as said and I can’t gain access still. Any further suggestion to resolve.

  6. I’d like to hear from anyone who has successfully used this app and gained some positive benefit from it, other than just getting it to work. Genuine users only please, no software developers or PR agents.

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