REPsTeam Reviews ShockAbsorber Ultimate Run Bra

Two weeks ago a few (female) members of the REPs team began road testing the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run bra, to find out if this product really made a difference to their running experience.

Being regular running club goers, all of the team put their bras fully to the test, with one ‘road tester’ clocking up an impressive 22 miles in just one week!

Here’s a report from one of the ladies Natasha:

The bra was easy to fit, and once on, felt comfortable and supportive.

After just one test run, we all noticed a significant decrease in bounce while running with the Shock Absorber bra.

I think for me, the main thing is feeling confident that I’m taking care of my body and preventing any unnecessary damage to my breasts. I would never wear an uncomfortable pair of trainers, so why should my sports bra be any different?

According to research¹ 44% of women don’t wear a sports bra to exercise at all!

If you don’t wear a sports bra or if you’re looking for more support during exercise, then this exclusive offer for REPs members may be of interest:


Simply quote REPS12 at checkout to redeem this great offer.

View the full offer Terms and Conditions here.


  1. 1.    GFK Shock Absorber U&A study 2012

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