SkillsActive Launches New Register For Aquatic Professionals


Building on the success of The Register of Exercise Professionals, which celebrates its 10th year anniversary this year, SkillsActive has developed an independent Register for those employed in the aquatics sector.

This Register of Aquatic Professionals will be piloted in England initially, with eventual roll out across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

RAPS will be operated by SkillsActive, with support provided by key partners from industry; the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) and The Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS).


Like REPs, this new Register is being developed to increase professionalism in the sector and protect the general public. This will provide assurance that registered individuals hold relevant qualifications required for the job they undertake.

For employers, RAPs will provide clarity, structure to training and Continued Professional Development (CPD), supporting their workforce to develop within the sector.

The pilot phase will launch in January 2013 to test the new system, raise awareness across the industry and enable employers and individuals to engage in its development. The full register will be launched later in 2013.

Read the full RAPs FAQs here.


One response to “SkillsActive Launches New Register For Aquatic Professionals

  1. Linda

    None of the three RLSS, ASA and STA have aquafitness as their main concern so it is absurd to have them in this role and both public and instructors will pay the price for lack of committment. Instructors who have not trained in ‘swimming instruction’ will find it increasingly hard to find work as on the whole the ASA have people in place to control pool availability or at least have a massive say in it.
    Aquafit, Water Polo and Synchronised have all been let down by the focus on swimming not diversity or fitness as a whole.

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