What’s Hot For 2013?

core strength

A survey for The American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal (ACSM) predicts that the number one fitness trend for 2013 will be the demand for educated, certified and experienced fitness professionals.

The ACSM’s survey was completed by 3,346 health and fitness professionals worldwide.

According to researchers, the number of employed Fitness Trainers in the US alone is projected to rise by 29 per cent from 251,400 to 311,800 in 2020.


The survey revealed that top 10 fitness trends predicted for 2013 are:

  1. Educated, certified and experienced fitness professionals.
  2. Strength training – Most people now incorporate some form of weight training to improve or maintain muscle strength.
  3. Body weight training – Using the body’s natural resistance rather than lots of complicated equipment to train. Think push-ups, pull-ups, planks and squats.
  4. Children and obesity – The ACSM’s survey predicts that exercise programmes aimed at addressing childhood obesity will be a major fitness trend in 2013.
  5. Exercise and weight-loss – According to researchers the most popular diet plans incorporate exercise for weight loss.
  6. Fitness programmes for older adults – The fitness industry looks set to capitalise on an aging baby-boomer generation with age-appropriate exercise programmes.
  7. Personal training – As more PTs qualify, the notion of having a Personal Trainer is branching into new arenas including corporate wellness, community-based, and medical fitness programmes.
  8. Functional fitness – as the idea of exercise as medicine grows, so will the trend for functional fitness (using strength training to improve balance, co-ordination, force, power and endurance to perform activities of daily living).
  9. Core training – as well as Pilates this year’s on-going popularity for core training will see equipment like; balance balls and wobble boards becoming more mainstream.
  10. Group personal training – Ideal for budget conscious clients (and a good way for a PT to increase their revenue) PTs are increasingly offering sessions to small groups of two to four clients, at hourly rate, rather than paying for a one-to-one session.

Leave us your thoughts on these predictions in the comment section below…

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Exercise and Disability – Inclusive Fitness

Check out this interesting article written by Jules Twells (from the Inclusive Fitness Initiative and English Federation of Disability Sport), which focuses on how the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) is driving change across the UK…

It is estimated that around 17% of the UK population have an impairment, yet after a year of National sporting success, disabled people are seriously under-represented as users of fitness and gym facilities.

Excellent customer service, training and marketing is vital in providing accessible fitness provision to support the growth of disabled users using gyms.

The Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) was set up to drive this change, encouraging disabled clients to use gyms by:

  • addressing inequality in physical activity for disabled people,
  • reaching inactive populations and,
  • raising awareness of the benefits of exercise for disabled people.

Inclusive Fitness addresses inclusion as a whole, to encourage a cultural change within the leisure industry and support facilities to achieve the IFI Mark of accreditation. To get this, gyms and health centres must undergo an assessment inclusion across the following elements:

InclusiveFitness Circle

The assessment process accredits facilities at three levels; provisional, registered or excellent. The level awarded depends on a facilities commitment to inclusion and includes the number of Exercise Professionals who have achieved REPs disability categories and considers the additional benefit of trained staff with Exercise Referral and specialist population categories.


The Inclusive Fitness Initiative is committed to continuing a cultural change within the leisure industry to not only market and cater to disabled people so that service provision is available to them, but to change disabled people’s attitudes towards the leisure industry.

Recent research reveals that psychological barriers are the biggest barriers preventing disabled people to participate in physical activity.  Through inclusive marketing and awareness, the industry can change attitudes through more inclusive imagery, messaging and mapping and gapping where service provision doesn’t meet the needs of this market.

It is essential that Exercise Professionals are well trained and confident to support disabled people to achieve and maintain levels of health and fitness.

For more information on the Inclusive Fitness Initiative and the IFI Mark visit www.efds.co.uk/inclusive_fitness

Jules TwellsJules Twells has worked within marketing roles for both the leisure industry and third sector for over 12 years.  Now working for the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) she supports the development and delivery of the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) to influence the health and fitness industry to become inclusive and encourage disabled people to participate in physical activity.

Your invitation to join us at the Vitality Show 2013

vitality show


We are very excited to announce that REPs will be exhibiting at the Vitality Show, for another year and would like to invite YOU to join us!

Held at Earls Court, London from 21st – 24th March 2013, this is the UK’s largest health, beauty, fitness and well-being event and is now in its 14th year.

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Guest Interviews

We spoke to Para-athletes, and REPs Registered Instructors, Craig McCann and Mike Hanney for the latest issue of the Journal. 

Craig was selected for the London 2012 Team GB Wheelchair Fencing team just two years after taking up the sport. He was registered disabled after suffering severe nerve damage, following surgery to remove a brain tumour. He is a REPs Level 2 Gym Instructor and is aiming to be selected for Brazil 2016.

craig mccann

Mike represented Team GB in the 1988 Paralympics in Fencing and now works as a REPs Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor in Bristol. He is also hoping to qualify for the 2016 Games in Brazil. 


Read the full version of the interview…

REPs: What has been your greatest sporting achievement?

Craig: Being selected for Team GB was just incredible news; I’d say making the team has been my biggest achievement to date.

Mike: Obviously for a sportsperson the ultimate goal is an Olympics or Paralympics and I was fortunate enough to make selection for the Paralympics in 1988 which took place in Seoul, Korea.

Other than that I am very proud that I became a PADI Divemaster in 2005 and to my knowledge I am still one of the only paraplegics in the country to hold a full commercial dive medical which gives me teaching status as a Divemaster. I took up skiing (on a mono ski) about 2 years ago, so still have goals which I want to achieve. I am also currently working towards both coaching and refereeing qualifications in fencing.

 REPs: What advice would you give to REPs trainers who may have clients with disabilities?

Craig: Every individual is different and every disability is different. So it’s about being able to alter your approach, this may include devising different exercises to suit different needs. The key might be to work more closely with your client.

Mike: My personal feeling is that, as with anyone you are working with, you need to get to know them.

Don’t be shy just ask. As a trainer you need to know a client’s limitations, or if they have pain/lack of sensation in areas of the body. Only when you have this knowledge can you really come up with an appropriate exercise plan.

One thing to keep in mind, the progress may be slow and in your eyes minimal. For some of your disabled clients, just gaining a degree of control over movement is a massive achievement.


REPs: What advice would you give to people with disabilities who want to get more involved with sport and fitness?

Craig: Just go for it. There’s often no reason why you can’t get involved in sport and fitness in some way – it’s about being able to adapt. I suppose you have to learn to work around your disability.

Mike: If you are thinking about making fitness your career, you may already have a list as long as your arm of the barriers which will stop you. Believe me my list was extensive.

What I found very early on was that there are ways around 99% of the things you are worrying about.

So go and do it, start that course and don’t be afraid to use technology, or another person, to help with things like demonstrating exercises.

REPs: What are the biggest barriers within the fitness industry regarding people with disabilities?

Craig: I don’t really think there are any major barriers except maybe in terms of equipment and kit. Obviously a lot of gym apparatus is designed with able bodied people in mind. In terms of overcoming that you just have to be creative.

Mike: Probably the biggest barrier is being able to get to fitness centres, especially if an individual is reliant on a carer coming along as well.

As a disabled person working as a trainer you sometimes need to find different solutions to what would normally be considered an easy task. For example, in my case, running on a treadmill isn’t going to happen, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give my clients a description of how to set the treadmill up, or what programme to use. I got hold of the manuals for the cardio equipment we have in the gym and I learnt about the programmes and what they did.

You may have to work with your managers to make sure that the layout of the gym allows you to get around.

REPs: How can the fitness industry ensure there is a lasting legacy from the Paralympic Games?

Craig: The industry needs to get people more involved. It’s often just a case of educating people and letting them know that disability needn’t hold them back.

Mike: Perception of disability has changed and we are now a lot more willing to accept disability in our work environments and also in the media.

In order to keep the momentum going as an industry, we need to make sure that as many of our facilities are accessible and welcoming for disabled people.


Our websites need to show if the centre is part of the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) and encourage people to understand what that actually means. It needs to be communicated that specialised equipment is available, allowing greater independence to those with a disability.

Now Available – Version 2 of the FREE REPs Health and Fitness app!


Compatible with iPhones and other iOS Devices

At REPs we’re always looking at ways to improve our products and services. We’ve taken your feedback and made a few important changes to our app.

 If you’ve already downloaded the app then remember to install our app updates on your iPhone. Do this simply by:

  • Clicking on the ‘app store’ icon on your iPhone home screen
  • Selecting ‘updates’ on the bottom tab and choosing to update the REPs app (please note: your iPhone may have already done this automatically).

If you haven’t already downloaded the app then follow these simple steps now:

  • Download the app today and log in as a ‘REPs Instructor’ by entering the same email address which you use to log in to the REPs activepassport™.
  • Existing REPs Members – You should have received an email a few months ago, containing your unique app password.
  • Newly Joined REPs Members – Your unique app password will have been sent as part of your ‘Welcome to REPs’ email.
  • Encourage your clients to download the app and connect with you using the ‘Search for REPs Instructors’ function.


Once you’re connected you will be able to;

  • Communicate with Clients Directly

Find out what your clients are doing outside of face-to-face sessions, via the Chat Section, allowing you to congratulate when they are working hard and motivate when they are slacking!

  • Maintain Engagement between Sessions

Track any exercise completed by your clients and monitor the food they have been eating, using the Exercise Timeline, Run Tracker and Food Diary. This will allow you to create personalised goals and training programmes, setting your service above other professionals in the industry.

  • Track your own exercise

Remember you can even log your own exercise sessions and food intake to help you stay on track with your personal lifestyle goals this New Year!


Don’t have an iPhone?

Our research prior to developing the app revealed that the largest proportion of REPs members use iPhones hence our decision to launch this version initially. We will be assessing the app post-launch, looking into opportunities to develop a version that is compatible with other smart phones, so keep an eye out for any news. Follow this link to read the full product user guide including all of the app’s key features.

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K-colour jpg

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Your Chance To Win With REPs and Leon Restaurants!



January is a great time to set New Year’s resolutions and career goals, as well as assessing ones eating habits to ensure a healthy balanced diet is maintained. We’ve joined forces with Leon Restaurants for another month, to offer REPs members the chance to win: 1 of 6 Leon ‘Friends and Family’ Cook Books (worth £25)! So What Do You Have To Do? COMPETITION 2 All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is: Email your favourite, healthy winter warmer recipe (just like Leon’s prawn curry recipe below) to info@exerciseregister.org along with your full name, email address and mobile number. leoncurry

This competition will close on Thursday 31st January 2013 so email us today! We’ll select our favourite recipes and email six the winners directly within a week of the competition closing. For more recipes from Leon Cookbook 4 to share with Family and Friends, why not treat yourself to this great cookbook on Amazon. For Further information about Leon Restaurants and to join the Leon Community online, visit their Website, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon sites. And finally… watch the authors of Leon 4, John and Kay cook some more recipes from Family and Friends here. Competition T&Cs:

  1. The 6 prize winners will be selected by the REPs team.
  2. Competition 2 opens on Tuesday 15th Jan and closes on Thursday 31st January 2013 at 9pm. Any entries sent to info@exerciseregister.org after this time, will not be entered.
  3. The 6 winners, in conjunction with competition 2 will be emailed within 2 weeks of the competition closing date (Thursday 31st January 2013).
  4. By entering this competition, you are consenting to receive marketing communications from REPs and Leon Restaurants. You will be given the option to opt out of further communications should you wish to. We will not pass on your details to third parties.
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