Now Available – Version 2 of the FREE REPs Health and Fitness app!


Compatible with iPhones and other iOS Devices

At REPs we’re always looking at ways to improve our products and services. We’ve taken your feedback and made a few important changes to our app.

 If you’ve already downloaded the app then remember to install our app updates on your iPhone. Do this simply by:

  • Clicking on the ‘app store’ icon on your iPhone home screen
  • Selecting ‘updates’ on the bottom tab and choosing to update the REPs app (please note: your iPhone may have already done this automatically).

If you haven’t already downloaded the app then follow these simple steps now:

  • Download the app today and log in as a ‘REPs Instructor’ by entering the same email address which you use to log in to the REPs activepassport™.
  • Existing REPs Members – You should have received an email a few months ago, containing your unique app password.
  • Newly Joined REPs Members – Your unique app password will have been sent as part of your ‘Welcome to REPs’ email.
  • Encourage your clients to download the app and connect with you using the ‘Search for REPs Instructors’ function.


Once you’re connected you will be able to;

  • Communicate with Clients Directly

Find out what your clients are doing outside of face-to-face sessions, via the Chat Section, allowing you to congratulate when they are working hard and motivate when they are slacking!

  • Maintain Engagement between Sessions

Track any exercise completed by your clients and monitor the food they have been eating, using the Exercise Timeline, Run Tracker and Food Diary. This will allow you to create personalised goals and training programmes, setting your service above other professionals in the industry.

  • Track your own exercise

Remember you can even log your own exercise sessions and food intake to help you stay on track with your personal lifestyle goals this New Year!


Don’t have an iPhone?

Our research prior to developing the app revealed that the largest proportion of REPs members use iPhones hence our decision to launch this version initially. We will be assessing the app post-launch, looking into opportunities to develop a version that is compatible with other smart phones, so keep an eye out for any news. Follow this link to read the full product user guide including all of the app’s key features.

2 responses to “Now Available – Version 2 of the FREE REPs Health and Fitness app!

  1. Angela

    This looks really handy for my business, but I have an android phone! I’ve seen loads of comments asking for an android version of this app, so please take that as “research” that there is demand for it! 🙂

  2. Karen

    Same here – all my personal training friends have android like myself. We’re feeling left out !!

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