REPs attends e-Learning in Fitness strategy meeting


Earlier this month, REPs Register Jean-Ann Marnoch joined representatives from 18 other core partner organisations in Valencia, Spain, to discuss ‘next steps’ in creating a European platform for e-Learning in fitness.

Based on European standards for fitness, the e-Learning Fitness project (eLF) aims to produce a template for national registers that can be used across European countries.

It was explained that a pilot register platform is currently under construction, allowing graduates of the e-learning courses to become registered.

The e-learning training provision for Exercise to Music, Gym, Aqua and Personal Training is also being developed, with learners for a series of pilot trials being recruited across relevant partner countries.

The eLF project involves partners from 14 countries, including REPs UK and the University of Rome, in Italy.

REPs Registrar Jean-Ann Marnoch said: “We hope that the provision of standardised e-learning will increase participation from the many instructors around Europe that find it difficult to access courses for instructing and training that meet the agreed standards.”

Follow this link to find out more about the e-Learning Fitness project (eLF).

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