New Health and Wellbeing Boards – A great opportunity for Exercise Referral

Nichola Curran, Founder and Director of Evolve Leisure, speaks about how the introduction of new Health and Wellbeing Boards will benefit public health and offer a great opportunity for fitness professionals.


There is a big shake-up on its way concerning public health. From April 1st onwards, new Health and Wellbeing Boards are being introduced with ring fenced health budgets for local communities. Their aim will be to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities and reduce health inequalities.

This new approach to public health offers a great opportunity for fitness professionals who are qualified to offer exercise referral. As we all know exercise can do wonders for our health and wellbeing and the introduction of these new boards gives us a great opportunity to really become part of the conversation. We in the fitness industry need to open up to the idea of engaging with local government and GPs. This way, we can really shape the health and wellbeing agenda.

The Health and Wellbeing Boards are very much up for meeting and engaging with the public. They have a duty to meet their targets to improve local health outcomes. If fitness professionals can successfully prove the importance and effectiveness of exercise then there is a real chance that partnerships can be forged.

We in the exercise profession understand the benefits of exercise. However there is often a lack of understanding, amongst both the public and the medical profession regarding just how effective exercise can be in treating a range of ailments. For example, exercise can help combat diabetes, obesity, depression, stress, arthritis, high blood pressure…the list goes on.

Exercise can often be just as good as prescribed medicine in battling a range of health issues. As we know, prevention is often better than cure, so make sure to look out for ways in which you can engage with your local Health and Wellbeing Board. Its important to remember that we as fitness professionals are well placed to offer advice which can improve the health of our nation whilst potentially saving the NHS money.

Nichola Curran will be at the REPs South East Convention on both days and will be speaking more about this subject. To see Nichola and a whole host of other speakers, book your place now!

Also, to view Nichola’s webinar on the changes taking place, follow this link


2 responses to “New Health and Wellbeing Boards – A great opportunity for Exercise Referral

  1. I am a Cardiac Rehab (Phase IV) qualified instructor. I work in the community but also as a contract trainer for the NHS in my local rehab team.

    I am “governed” by BACPR, who provide evidence based training for people like me. They contribute to government commissioning papers because they have clinical credibility. At some stage the fitness industry needs to get the point that when we make statements about benefits to this type of audience, we MUST back them up with clinical research references. We have no credibility with the health care and clinical teams unless we back up what we say with evidence.

    For fitness professionals to gain acceptance from these clinical decision makers, there needs to be evidence referenced and presented. Just saying “exercise can help combat diabetes, obesity, depression, stress, arthritis, high blood pressure…the list goes on.” is frankly not going to be good enough.

    Medical teams are interested in positive outcomes for patients. PLEASE can those involved start providing the right kind of ammunition for fitness professional to use to demonstrate exactly how, and why our expertise can help these groups of people, just as BACPR does for cardiac care.


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