ICREPs announces first North American member


The International Confederation of Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) admitted the National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA) as its first North American member, which represents 10,000 exercise professionals in Canada.

Richard Beddie, ICREPs chair, said he is very happy with the outcome as the demand for independent registration bodies increases steadily. He stressed this move as timely and important as many training providers in Canada and around the world are trying to establish an accreditation system, but ICREPs only recognises the registers that work independently of training providers.

Following are ICREPs key criteria for independent registers to join:

  • Non-profit legal entity
  • Operating independently from training providers and exercise facilities
  • Operating a register on a national level
  • Supported by the industry

REPs UK is part of ICREPs, which is a membership based organisation with members operating in four continents, over seven countries, and collectively register over 60,000 individual exercise professionals.

Jean-Ann Marnoch (REPs UK Registrar) stated “We are very excited that Canada is joining ICREPs and look forward to the mapping of our standards to facilitate the reciprocal arrangements so that our members will be able to work in Canada.”

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