REPs South East Convention

reps stand 3

First of all we’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who attended the REPs South East Convention! We really hope you enjoyed your day (or days) and we really look forward to hearing your feedback in the coming weeks.

Secondly, not to worry if you couldn’t attend as we’ve got a great round up for you of all the events and workshops that happened over the two-day convention!

Eileen Alger and Ricardo EdwardsREPs members Eileen Alger and Ricardo Edwards upon their arrival to the South East Convention

Wow! What an exciting and busy two days it was! Both days started off with a great introduction from John Byers, who ran the convention, followed by a REPs update from Rebecca Weissbort, External Liaison Manager for REPs.

It was fantastic to have the support of our sponsors, Kinectica and Shock Absorber, who gave a great speech on the importance of sports bras and how to tackle the subject with your clients.

There were a total of 24 workshops for our delegates to get their teeth stuck in to.

Day 1

Highlights included Lincoln Byrden  Metabolic Physique Conditioning, Exercise Anywhere Exerpoling, KBTEducation Advanced weightlifting & functional training and of course the key note speech delivered by Dr Ian Campbell : “Weight loss – What works, what doesn’t and why!” – His speech was followed by a very lively Q&A session debating opinions on the 5:2 diet and high intensity training in regards to weight management!

We went along to Exercise Anywhere Exerpoling, which seemed like great fun for all those involved in the session! The session was lead by Nordic Walking UK and was aimed at PTs wanting to use poles to create an outdoor full body workout experience similar to a cross training machine but didn’t want to have to spend time teaching the full Nordic Walking technique!

nordic blogRep’s members Tali Swart and Nadia Pavlof taking part in the Exerpoling Session

nordic lungesReps members warming up during the Exerpoling session

Here’s what REPs member Danny Barker had to say on the session: “I really enjoyed this session. It’s something I’ve never done before but as I live in rural area it’s something I wanted to get involved in as I feel it could really benefit me and my clients.”

We got speaking to a few of our members over both days and here’s what they had to say.

Here we have Monika Zalewska who attended Advanced weightlifting & functional training. 

Advanced weightlifting & functional training - Monika Zalewska2

“I love weight lifting as it gives me the best results for my body! I thought the session was really great! Very informative and Professional!”

Leigh Aliss“I came along to convention last November and thought it was a great day so why not come again, and I’m glad I did as I found the day really interesting. I thought the key note speech raised some great points about weight loss and weight management, especially the fact that there is no magic pill that may work!”

We also spoke to Reps member Lucy Miller, who had flown from Germany to attend the event! “I think the conventions are such a fantastic idea and I’ve really enjoyed myself today and found out so much interesting information, even with an injured hip!”

Day 2

Highlights of day two included Fitness FX T3 blast vs. T3 Jump, YMCA Fit Definition of Hardcore (HIT), and Dr John Searle, OBE Exercise and Arthritis – it works!

Day 2’s keynote speech was delivered by Fred Hoffman, who delivered and inspiring and interactive: Great Trainers: Born or Made?

Fred Hoffman

JordanTraining Academy Metabolic training using ropes and bands kicked off in day 2 in fine style. The popular class was filled with enthusiasm, most notably from Nadya Fairweather, who shared her thoughts on the session. 

“The class was great. It helped me learn more ways to terrain effectively using the ropes.”

Jordan Training Academy2Jordan Training Academy3

The Premier Training International session was also a real hit and a more unusual session. Delegates were asked to behave as animals, using their movements to develop their own body strength.

Premier Training International

We were even fortunate enough to have the day filmed. We’ll soon be able to share some great footage from the day. Thank you to all those who agreed to an interview on the day!

Overall, the two days were a real success and we hope to see you in Birmingham in September at Leisure Industry Week.

Can exercise really make you feel significantly better mentally?


It’s no secret that exercise is suggested to help with a variety of human issues, right from treating depression to improving memory. In particular, recent research suggests exercise leads to the release of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that alleviates pain, both physical and mental. Much of the research done in this area focuses on running, but all types of aerobic exercise can provide benefits. 

So, can exercise really make you feel significantly better mentally?

Findings published in the scientific research journal, Psychology, suggest that physical exhaustion can cause a reduction in a person’s fear levels, for example the fear of flying. In a recent experiment the efficiency of intense aerobic exercise approaching physical exhaustion was investigated as an effective part of therapy for reduction of an individual’s fear reaction.

The study had a total of ten participants, five male and five female aged 30 – 40 years old. All were pre-tested before exercising to verify their current fear levels.  Subjects met in a gym within a one-week period with three sessions of intense aerobic exercise, with a one day rest period after each session. 

The intense aerobic exercises were delivered by different experts in their respective fields. During the intense aerobic exercise, the subjects utilised all of the equipment available inside the gym, up to the point of their exhaustion. The sessions lasted for 2 to 3 hours. The participants were then post-tested after exercising to determine the possible change of their fear level, using a pre-established Fear Questionnaire. 

Findings showed that there was a significant reduction in participants’ levels of fear through physical exhaustion by the use of intense aerobic exercises. See results below. 

ImageEven though this research is in the early stages of development, it is a clear indication that exercise has the power to alleviate fear and calls on a need for further research in the area.

Other studies have also looked into the idea of physical exhaustion as a form of treatment of anxiety. Ströhie et al. (2005) demonstrated in an experiment that aerobic exercise is effective in treating panic and panic attacks. They used aerobic exercise for 30 minutes at 70% of maximum oxygen consumption.

To read the research in full please visit the scientific research journal’s website.  

Ströhle, S., Feller, C., Godemann, F., Heinz, A., Onken, M., & Dimeo, F. (2005). The acute anti-panic activity of aerobic exercise. American Journal of Psychiatry, 162, 2376-2378

Kit up to support Fit in Kit Charity Challenge


Motivation and goal setting play two very important roles in the fitness industry. Whether it’s working up to the next level of weights, achieving a quicker time, upping your bench press or getting fitter for a holiday, everyone needs something to drive them on.

As an exercise professional, your members look to you for inspiration, setting realistic aspirations and challenges.

Everyone has their own individual way of pushing themselves. Many prefer to have a goal to aim for. This can give the necessary boost of enthusiasm to put in that extra bit of effort. Marathons, fun runs and other sponsored events fulfil this role splendidly.

The Fit in Kit Charity Challenge is a brand new charity event which is fun, challenging and rewarding. Best of all you get to support the challenge in your own work kit.

The fitness event supports ‘Hounds for Heroes’ that provides specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled members of the armed forces and emergency services.

Gyms around the country are invited to take part as well as sports clubs, barracks, squadrons and emergency services.

‘Fit in Kit’ takes place on 29th June at Admiral Lord Nelson School in Portsmouth. Activities are designed for differing levels of fitness, as well as fun pursuits for children and dog walkers! Groups are also encouraged to set up their own events.

Why not use this time to get fit along with your members and kit up to support this fantastic challenge?

For more information visit:

New Competition Celebrates the Skills of Fitness Students (Results)

winners and runners up

Congratulations to the winners of The National Finals of the brand new Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ) Fitness Trainer Competition, which were held last Thursday at St George’s Park, Burton-Upon-Trent.

Jordan Hopes, from City College Norwich was named winner of the Level 2 Fitness Instructor – Gym category. Phil Lant of the College of West Anglia and Danielle Lines of Hartlepool College were awarded second and third places.

Toby Williamson, from Petroc was named the best in the Level 3 Personal Trainer category. Eloise Head of Brockenhurst and Stuart MacDonald of Birmingham Met came second and third.

The twelve finalists competed in the two categories to be crowned top trainers and to lift the coveted 2013 CYQ Fitness Trainer Competition trophy, which was set up by CYQ in collaboration with British Colleges Sport (BCS). It was hailed as a huge success by organisers, competitors and judges.

REPs was delighted to support the CYQ Fitness Trainer Competition by awarding the winners and runners-up one year’s free REPs membership.

The competition was judged by a team of expert industry professionals. Winners have also won the opportunity to undertake a weeks’ work experience at Perform St George’s Park.

It was a great opportunity for competitors to apply their learning, knowledge and skills in a controlled environment. The experience will enhance their CV and further prepare them for employment. Contests of this nature can only help to improve standards in the industry and be of benefit to participants.


New Competition Celebrates the Skills of Fitness Students


REPs is excited to support the National Finals of the brand new Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ) Fitness Trainer Competition, which is being held at St George’s Park, Burton-Upon-Trent this Thursday (2nd May). The National Final will see the winners of each of eleven BCS regional heats, chosen from the hundreds who originally entered, compete against each other on this final day of competition.

This competition has been set up by CYQ in collaboration with British Colleges Sport (BCS). Fitness students from further education colleges across the UK will be competing in two competitions under the CYQ Fitness Trainer Competition umbrella: Level 2 Fitness Instructor – Gym and Level 3 Personal Trainer.

REPs is delighted to support the CYQ Fitness Trainer Competition by awarding the winners and runners-up one year’s free REPs membership. Competitors are judged by a team of expert industry professionals.

Contests of this nature can only serve to raise the standards of individuals who graduate with recognised qualifications. The hard work and dedication of competitors and the excellence demonstrated by the winners can only help to improve standards in the industry and be of benefit to participants.

It is hoped that this opportunity for competitors to apply their learning, knowledge and skills within a creative and challenging environment will provide an experience to enhance their CV and further prepare them for employment.


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