Kit up to support Fit in Kit Charity Challenge


Motivation and goal setting play two very important roles in the fitness industry. Whether it’s working up to the next level of weights, achieving a quicker time, upping your bench press or getting fitter for a holiday, everyone needs something to drive them on.

As an exercise professional, your members look to you for inspiration, setting realistic aspirations and challenges.

Everyone has their own individual way of pushing themselves. Many prefer to have a goal to aim for. This can give the necessary boost of enthusiasm to put in that extra bit of effort. Marathons, fun runs and other sponsored events fulfil this role splendidly.

The Fit in Kit Charity Challenge is a brand new charity event which is fun, challenging and rewarding. Best of all you get to support the challenge in your own work kit.

The fitness event supports ‘Hounds for Heroes’ that provides specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled members of the armed forces and emergency services.

Gyms around the country are invited to take part as well as sports clubs, barracks, squadrons and emergency services.

‘Fit in Kit’ takes place on 29th June at Admiral Lord Nelson School in Portsmouth. Activities are designed for differing levels of fitness, as well as fun pursuits for children and dog walkers! Groups are also encouraged to set up their own events.

Why not use this time to get fit along with your members and kit up to support this fantastic challenge?

For more information visit:

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