Guest Blog from REPs Member Lucilia Holder


REPs Member Lucilia Holder

My name is Lucilia and up until 8 years ago I had never been near a gym, let alone in one! So here goes my story in a nutshell… 

9 years ago I had moved to a new part of the country due to my husband’s job. So with 2 young children, and not really knowing the area, I got chatting to my neighbour, and one day over a few glasses of something chilled she told me about the local gym which had a creche… I later joined the gym but struggled with the gym on my own and found my nieche with instructor-led classes.

I used to attended aerobics classes 2/3 times a week and 3 years ago my favourite instructor announced that she was moving away; well I was devastated because I loved everything about the classes! She was a freestyle instructor and no two classes were ever the same.  

We got chatting later that day and she said that I should take over her job and that this was how she got into this industry…a lot of laughter later and I had enrolled into a college course to start my Level 2 ETM the following week.

Fast forward 8 years and I am now teaching at that gym… to anyone who thinks that they are too old to get involved in this industry I would say think again. Most of the instructors who inspired me along the way did not choose fitness as their first career choice.

That was in 2010. I qualified in June 2011 and have not looked back since. I am not going to lie and say that it was easy to start out in the industry because a lot of the time gyms want experience and apart from attending classes I clearly did not have any, but prove yourself in this business and good things will come!

Since finishing I have also qualified for Indoor Cycling, Pump Fx and Zumba. I am now currently in the process of completing my HRE for children, my Level 2 Gym and my Level 3 PT has also just started so life is never dull! I teach a wide variety of freestyle classes from LBT (my all time favourite) to Pump, Spinning and Abs based classes and love them all!  I love the gym where I work, Andover Leisure Centre it’s what inspired me in the first place, they understand me and know that I am a little bit crazy but oh so passionate about my job! 

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