Fantastic opportunity for REPs members – Become a Volunteer Lay Committee Advisor


The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine, which is part of the Royal College of Physicians of London and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, is looking for volunteers to get involved as Lay Committee Advisors, helping to shape the future of Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) in the UK.

This is an exciting opportunity to volunteer your views and learn more about Sport and Exercise Medicine, giving valuable input into the UK’s leading organisation for promoting and setting standards in Sport and Exercise Medicine.  The FSEM’s Council and Committee members include some of the UK’s leading medical experts in sport and exercise who work on a voluntary basis for the organisation setting standards, overseeing research, training, curriculum and assessment of SEM Doctors. Successful applicants will be working alongside our doctors as Lay Advisors.

The Faculty of SEM is looking for volunteers who are passionate about exercising and take an interest in exercise as a means to health and recovery from illness to take an active role in Committees and Working Groups.

The Faculty is also looking for volunteers who play sports regularly, have experienced a sporting injury and are passionate about sports to take an active role in the FSEM’s Committees and Working Groups.

Volunteers will be able to get involved in raising the profile of sport and exercise medicine, enter into the debate helping to ensure standards are high, develop the arguments for investment in the specialty within the UK and bring new ideas to the Council from a public perspective.

Sport and Exercise medicine not only treats elite sports persons, it also has a large scale application in improving the health of the general public through exercise advice and prescription. There are around 70 physicians registered as SEM specialists with the General  Medical Council (GMC), a small percentage of the 235,000 GMC registered Doctors in the UK*. The FSEM would like to see many more Doctors specialising in SEM, especially within the NHS, in order to improve the health of the nation and recovery time from illness through prescribed activity.

If you think you fit the bill or you know anyone you’d like to nominate as a volunteer Lay Committee Advisor** for the FSEM please email: Or download an application form here

*Source: General Medical Council July 2013 

** Applications for Lay Committee Advisors will be reviewed by the FSEM Council. Please note Lay Committee Advisors offer their services on a voluntary basis and will not be remunerated.

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