No matter who our clients are, Mothers really do know best – give them the support they need!


Guest Blog from Lucy Miller:

– When it comes to careers and relationships, we know we need to stick to it and put in plenty of effort and enthusiasm to get the best from it. Somehow, this doesn’t seem so easy when it comes to a fitness routine.

Mothers in particular feel time-pressured, juggling endless tasks at home with work commitments, nursery drop-offs, the school runs. A day can regularly spill into the night, and there‘s often an overwhelming feeling of not being able to get anything done. Once you factor in the dreaded sleepless nights, it can be almost impossible to even contemplate putting on trainers and heading out to take part in something that will exhaust you even more.

Added to this, we cannot discount the women who just dislike exercise. Or at least assume they can’t do it. Let’s not forget the thought of all that lycra. How can we be expected to dress like that and share our post-baby bodies with the general public?

As a mother of two, married to a super-committed, international jet-set career man, work means juggling the children, housework and my own business. Managing as a single parent until superman returns, it can be hard to keep on top of things.

In my experience, an understanding of the everyday pressures of my clients is vital to my programming calendar. Sometimes this means offering classes at times when I’d really rather be relaxing on the sofa. Some of my most successful courses for women have taken place as the sun comes up on a Saturday morning and sets on a Sunday evening.

The 2 most important factors that make my classes a success are:

1. Timing

Familiarise yourself with your clients’ personal commitments. Be flexible. Find a time that will always work for your clients. It will be harder for them to turn you down. It will be harder for them to fail.

2. Variety

If your fitness routine is the same every week, you will get bored. Fact. Commit to making your routines as varied as possible. It keeps your clients guessing, eliminates boredom and keeps them entertained. Oh, and of course, it gets great results.

The best measure of success for me is how much fun my clients are having. If they are enjoying my workouts, I will be too. They will want more, and so will I.

About Lucy

Lucy Miller is the founder of Urban Fox Fitness. After successfully launching her business in south east London, Lucy is now developing her client base with native English speakers in Berlin, Germany.

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