Guest blog from REPs member and endorsed training provider Lucy McCormick

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Throughout school I always loved sports, taking part in a range of sporting events. As soon as I left school I qualified as a fitness instructor, and soon after got involved in watersports.

Being based in the south coast city of Brighton, a love of watersports is inevitable, and I soon qualified as a Windsurfing Instructor in Greece, before heading back to the UK to start work with a company called Lagoon Watersports.

Here I got involved in a relatively new watersports called Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP), an extremely versatile sport, which offers many disciplines such as surfing, racing and touring. With the basics of this sport being relatively easy to learn the sport appeals to people of all ages and abilities.

After becoming a Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor, I saw the health and fitness benefits that could be gained from Stand Up Paddle Boarding, offering a great way to train – being outside, on the water and getting fit at the same time – Perfect!

An idea developed to design fitness sessions using the Stand Up Paddle Board – SUPfit was created!

What is SUPfit?

Basically different exercises are performed on a Stand Up Paddle Board. SUPfit is a world away from your average workout. The SUP is an unstable platform, which acts as a form of balance trainer, increasing the intensity of every exercise; whether it be a hardcore press up or a gentle stretch, the options are endless. Exercises can be designed to meet any goal from improving general fitness to more specific goals such as strength gains. Not only do SUP’s act as a form of balance trainer, the paddle aspect itself is an amazing workout and can be incorporated into classes to add a whole other workout aspect.

For 3 years we have been running extremely successful SUPfit classes down at Lagoon Watersports; in the second year adding SUPyoga, in which clients perform yoga poses on the SUP, which essentially acts as a more wobbly yoga mat. This proved very popular, bringing a new clientele into the centre.

Through the success of the sessions, we needed to train other fitness instructors to teach the SUPfit classes, so we devised an in-house training programme.

Whilst doing so, it confirmed there was a lot to learn, with many considerations to think about and important safety aspects to be aware of, before being able to confidently teach a safe and effective SUPfit class.

Knowing how important it was to train instructors correctly and to ensure high quality classes, I looked into getting the training endorsed by SkillsActive and recognised by REP’s.

So far we have two courses endorsed – SUPfit and SUPyoga, both worth 9 CPD points.

The SUPfit aim is to…take fitness to the water, trying to get as many people as possible getting involved in SUP Fitness.

SUPfit can be done wherever there is water – ocean, lake, river or even swimming pools! Come and get involved!

If you want to take fitness to the water, get in touch:






2 responses to “Guest blog from REPs member and endorsed training provider Lucy McCormick

  1. I’ve tried SUP and really enjoyed it – and I’m a yoga teacher, so maybe I should combine the two. An interesting idea – but I’m a bit wobbly on the water and DEFINITELY a fair-weather person. Probably not something I want to pursue at the moment, but I wish you well.

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