Think Bigger People!

Guest Blog from REPs member Tim Drummond 

So I’m sitting here on my balcony, with an amazing view of the beach, listening to the sea and generally feeling pretty content with life.

I’m away taking a well-earned break before my September book launch, and allowing myself to reflect on everything that I’ve achieved over the last year.

The thought which has popped into my mind is; that these experiences are WHY I got into this fitness game…

It’s for moments like this. It was because I loved the idea of being my own boss and taking off to do what I choose and what I am passionate about, away from work.  It was out of my passion for health and fitness and a want for knowledge and to further myself. It was to help as many people as possible. It was because I wanted to create an amazing and extraordinary life for myself, and those around me.

The reason I am writing this is because I truly feel that I am so fortunate to be involved in everything that I do within the industry. I am very grateful that I have been lucky enough to stumble across genuinely inspiring people who have helped bring me to my own relative success.

Here is what I see in this industry. We all get into it for many noble and deeply emotional reasons, be that wanting to help people as one’s life purpose or wanting to be stinking rich. Both are fine you know.

But the reality ends up being far different. We don’t feel valued by crappy clients who don’t value what we do. We aren’t working within the pro-sports, or celebrity training environments. We don’t have abundant money. We live a week-by-week, stress filled life in which we are worried where our next client will come from. We don’t have time to train ourselves as we would want to. We work mornings, lunchtimes and evenings as we want the extra 10-block sale and therefore bend over backwards for our clients.

One of the reasons we started the Fitness Mogul Mindset is that we feel that the first thing which needs to change in the vast majority of people in this industry is the limiting mindsets of what they can achieve.

I don’t believe that PT’s sit there and think they cannot be a success. I just feel that what the perception of that success is can be limited. When I first started in the industry 5 years ago I though success was the guy working 40 hours per week, charging more than anyone else in the gym.

But you see this is the problem. This is not success when defined by the reasons you originally went down this career route. Well probably not anyway. 

So here’s what I would do with the next hour. Write down WHY you got into this industry. If you don’t know, ask yourself. Ask yourself WHY you love this.

If it is for some of the reasons above just ask what is stopping you getting there. List the reasons that stop you; ask yourself are they real reasons or limiting beliefs that hold you back. Be honest with yourself.

Then your mindset can be re-set to aim towards that end goal. Every decision you make can be made with congruency toward that big aim. Sure, fear will try to hold you back but understand why it is there; it wants you the same today as you were tomorrow. Changing is hard. 

Many people believe that being comfortable will equal happiness in the long-term, but it won’t.

In fact it will do the opposite. Greatness only happens at the edge of your comfort zone. I think that discovering that mindset today could be the biggest game changer in your career and your life. 

About Tim

Tim Drummond’s career in the health industry has taken him from a PT to a globally acknowledged Health Coach and Mentor. A published author of the book ‘The 30/30 Body Blueprint, he has co-created Arete Fitness. Their mission is to reinvigorate the outdated perceptions of female health and fitness…. 30 minutes at a time. He also aims to inspire Fitness Professionals through The Fitness Mogul Mindset fitness business mentorship community.

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Exercise for all ages and conditions

ImageREPs member Anne Mercer shares her story on how she has succeeded on a prosperous career in the fitness industry.

I have been a full time fitness instructor for just over 30 years now. I started in aerobics, moved through ‘Bums, Legs and Tums’, callanetics and even line dancing to an altogether more interesting and rewarding area of fitness…

Exercise for all ages and conditions. I struggle to find a name to cover all that I do but I think that this pretty much does it. It’s a rewarding area requiring experience and specialist knowledge. I never simply go through the motions of a class. There is no standard class format. Every movement is thought through to consider what it does in terms of the potential benefit as well as the potential risk. This specific approach enables almost anyone to take part in my class. Some may need to lie on a massage couch rather than the floor, the class size is very small and I have a selection of pillows for added support and cushioning.

I base my class on the focus, control and concentration of Pilates. Clients learn to control every movement their body makes and to be aware of exactly which muscle is causing the movement or stabilising the body while it moves. Added to this I use the fundamental back care exercises as recommended by Williams and McKenzie. I consider the spinal load through each movement. I never teach roll downs, sit ups and rarely use seated positions.   The recommended range of movement required by life is my goal with clients aiming for this, not the extreme range some exercise regimes use. Bio Mechanic principles of pelvic stability and nerve mobility play a large part in ensuring mobilisation and the prevention of dysfunctional muscle tissue. I work on the abdominal stability muscles along with the gluteals, teaching the principle that our muscles provide the scaffolding to our bone structure. Balance is another important area with simple exercises to improve balance and to reduce the risk of falling in the future. To complete this I work on postural muscles of the upper body to ward off the hunched neck position so often seen in the older generation.

Some of my clients have back pain, joint replacements, degenerative conditions of the spine, or are recovering from mild strokes. Most simply have the general aches and pains that accompany getting older. They need a class which supports them in their quest to keep fitter and keep active as they age. Many classes (including those that I have taught) are aiming at an altogether higher level of fitness which my clients would feel intimidating and at which they would probably be unable to do many of the exercises. Even clients at perimenopausal age have muscular aches that appear from nowhere and affect their ability to exercise.

Over recent years I have seen huge progression in my clients which I find incredibly satisfying. They show a great tenacity in sticking with the exercises and the results are well worth it. They have smaller waists – no mean feat in post menopausal women, balance so good they could be garden statues and they all stand upright within a few months.

To teach this age group you need to specialise into the Low Back, 50+ and GP referral qualification, and then read as much as you can about the effect of ageing on the body. I have found that a sport massage qualification is invaluable to allow me to be ‘hands on’ in certain situations. Talk to people with these conditions, work on a one-to-one basis with them to see what they can do and how exercise can help them. It takes time to build a business in this area but I would certainly recommend it both for job satisfaction and for your longevity as an instructor.

If you’d like more information on my techniques do get in touch. I am passionate about enabling this sector of the population to be able to take part in group exercise and happy to help anyone move into this area.

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REPs member is world’s top trainer

REPs member Kim Ingleby Wins “Personal Trainers to Watch” Competition

Kim - REPs 

The top 10 personal trainers in the world gathered on common ground in St Albans last month to share their passion for fitness and demonstrate their training skills at the Life Fitness Personal Trainers to Watch competition – and one trainer emerged the winner.

REPs member Kim Ingleby, 35, of Bristol, was crowned the winner of the Life Fitness 2013 Personal Trainers to Watch competition.

“I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this, and to have been selected as a finalist, let alone the winner among such talent and passion,” said Kim. “The spotlight that Life Fitness has put on the personal training industry through this competition is extremely important in helping spread the global fitness experience.”

Kim Ingleby is the founder of Energised Performance. Her training philosophy combines the mind and body to enhance clients’ physical and mental well-being. Kim’s mission is to give clients the tools to empower them to be their best, inside and out, so they become fitter, stronger and more energised. In addition, Kim is also passionate about fundraising, having raised thousands of pounds for charity through fitness events.

Among her many outstanding achievements, Kim emerges triumphant not only professionally, but personally, too. She recently returned to full health after battling Weil’s disease and receiving pre-cancerous cervical cancer treatments earlier this year. The REPs member attributes overcoming this disease to her mental strength and the excellent physical condition her body was in as a result of her passion for fitness.

“Kim’s story is an inspiration to all who took part in the competition,” said Chris Clawson, Life Fitness president. “The resilience, strength and humility she has shown in her journey are awe-inspiring. She is truly deserving of this award – for her achievements both inside and outside the gym.”

First-Ever Live Judging Event

The Personal Trainers to Watch program is in its third year, and this year’s competition brought in more than 1,500 nominations from 43 countries. New to the 2013 competition was the introduction of a live global judging event, which was held at Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centre St Albans. The top 10 finalists, hailing from all corners of the globe, were flown in to demonstrate their training skills in front of a panel of five elite fitness industry professionals. Each finalist was randomly paired with a volunteer that acted as their client for the demonstration. Finalists developed workout routines for clients utilizing the Life Fitness Synrgy360 personal training system based on the client’s fitness level and goals. Judges then scored the personal trainers on their ability to enhance the client experience, with criteria including building client confidence, motivating the client, appropriately adapting exercises, and progressing and regressing exercises as needed.

To view a video profile on Kim Ingleby, winner of the 2013 Life Fitness Personal Trainers to Watch competition, and to watch action from the live judging event, visit

The Personal Trainers to Watch program is held in partnership with the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs), an international partnership between exercise professional registration bodies around the world, and the European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA), the European Union approved industry standards setting body for the European health and fitness sector.

Ken Heathcote, ‘Father of Fitness’ on creating fitness moments of magic

Guest Blog from REPs member Karen Laing 

55 YEARS after opening his first gym, the UK’s ‘Father of Fitness’, Ken Heathcote opens up in his autobiography about the personal challenges he faced forging a business out of the fitness industry.

ImageI was fortunate enough to meet Ken on a recent trip to Bolton. My father-in-law used to attend classes with Ken, my husband’s best friend is now heading up the graphic design for Ken’s book and it was in a little back street in Bolton that he made the move from community classes to his first professional gym.

“I opened my doors on that first day from 10 ‘til 5 and no customers came,” says Ken, “then my dad walked in and put his money down on the counter. It was then I knew this was my profession and my livelihood.”

That gym would become the first multi-purpose fitness club in the UK.

Ken has published books before, The Gym Business sold in excess of ten thousand copies but this is the first time he has laid his soul bare – and he’s understandably nervous.

For fitness industry professionals, Ken laid the foundations of modern fitness qualifications and programming. He wrote, created and delivered the first National weight training course and helped for the NVQ for sport and recreation. He was co-founder and Chairman of the FIA (Fitness Industry Association) and his Lifetime Achievement Awards include: Life Fitness – Distinguished Service Award; The Oscar Heidenstam Foundation Outstanding Contribution to Physical Culture; and National Fitness Awards – Lifetime Achievement Award.

ImageThis man is a legend! We met over coffee, at the Bolton Arena, just opposite the Reebok Stadium. Fitting for our meeting since footballer Nat Lofthouse, whose statue stands proud between the two buildings, used to train in Ken’s first gym with the rest of his Bolton Wanderers team mates.

And Ken’s who’s who of contacts does not end there. He counts the ‘World’s Best Built Man of the Century’ Bill Pearl as his friend, having judged the Mr Universe Contest for 15 years, and then there’s squash champion Jonah Barrington, footballers Roger Hunt MBE and Gordon Taylor OBE, the world’s strongest man Geoff Capes, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Darth Vader!

So how did he go from an empty gym to a thriving, decades spanning fitness business? What can today’s fitness professionals learn from this pioneer? “It’s all about creating a social structure,” says Ken, “create moments of magic. We always focused on customer service first.” As a fitness professional, with my own community business, this is the message that has rung through my head since meeting Ken. That the fitness industry has grown in the past 50 years but hasn’t moved on.That our customers don’t really want fitness gadgets or trends, they are transitory. If we want customers for life then we need to re-discover the social side of the fitness industry. Take our customers on holidays, don’t just train them for them. Become a part of our communities, rather than just taking from them.

Ken Heathcote’s Autobiography, The Father of Fitness was published in the UK on 27th September and is available on Amazon.

For more information visit:

Karen Laing is a pre and post natal exercise specialist and journalist. Karen teaches Pilates (including pregnancy specific classes) in Epping, Essex and London and blogs about fitness, women’s health and wellbeing at

Karen co-directs Fit School with her husband Chris. They run fitness classes, ladies only training camps and Pilates classes in Epping and Essex.
TWITTER: @fitschoolessex
FACEBOOK: ccfitschool

Abs are made in the kitchen – the truth about burning belly fat

Chloe  Reynolds - REPs member

Guest blog from REPs Member Chloe Reynolds

One of the questions I get asked most by my clients is “how do I get rid of belly fat” or “how do I get a six pack”. To many people, the dream of a toned tum is only a few hundred crunches away – however we know as fitness people that this just isn’t realistic, or fun. Otherwise we’d all have rippling eight packs right? Wrong. Many traditional ab exercises such as sit ups, bicycles, and ab curl machines are a sure way to a bad back & a rounded shoulder posture – attractive!

To help us understand why this doesn’t work let’s look at the reasons we store fat around the stomach. Belly fat is a result of too much processed food in the daily diet, inactivity & our body’s hormonal response. For example, high levels of the hormone cortisol (which is elevated by stress, overtraining and lack of sleep) affects our response to insulin and encourages fat storage around the middle.

So how do we chisel away those abs safely & efficiently? It all begins in the kitchen. First of all, if we look at the abdominal muscle group we will see that each of us has abs, and that it is the natural shape of the muscle which gives the appearance of a ‘six pack’, however in order to make these muscles prominent we must melt away the overlying subcanteous fat layer, & thicken the muscle.

In order to do this we need to get our clients to clean up their diet & get plenty of greens in (cruciferous veggies are an excellent fat burner). Reduce or eliminate processed foods, grains, soy & wheat (it is thought 6-7% of the population are intolerant to gluten), as these can cause inflammation of the stomach & promote fat storage. Also drinking plenty of water to flush out any nasty toxins – another cause of fat storage. It’s amazing how much of an effect what we eat alone has on the appearance our stomach. Processed foods can cause bloating, and too much salt in the diet can cause water retention which will affect the appearance of the midsection.

Now on to those exercises. Exercising at a high intensity with compound movements, and bouts of high intensity cardio are a quick way to melt away excess fat. Be sure to encourage adequate rest & good quality sleep in order to reduce cortisol levels.

Ideal core exercises promote strength through the mid section, improve our day to day functional movement and improve posture.

Avoid exercises which cause excessive flexion of the spine & instead opt for exercises which counter any bad posture & hit all planes of motion. Improving posture alone can make you look taller and give the appearance of a flatter stomach. The transverse abdominus muscles act as the body’s natural corset to pull us into good alignment (making us look slimmer) & also help us to avoid muscle imbalance & injury. Great exercises to improve posture are cobras, wall angels & bent over rows.

Ideal ab exercises include woodchops, turkish get ups, hanging leg raises, reverse curls, Kettlebell windmills, medicine ball throws, leg lowers, or Jackknives. These are just a few examples of fantastic exercises you can get clients to perform safely, whilst fine tuning the abdominals. The list of exercises is extensive, and with different progressions of each you can keep challenging your clients, and have fun with it.

Once you get your clients to clean up their diet and perform some of these exercises they will soon start to see a difference. Perhaps get them to do you a food diary to monitor progress – often people don’t realise what they eat throughout the week until they see it written down on paper.

Preparing food in advance is also a key way for your clients to stay on track with healthy eating, cooking extra of a healthy dinner to take for lunch saves both time & money, and stops clients from grabbing something convenient yet unhealthy which will contravene their goals.

A flat stomach or a six pack is one of the most sought after aesthetic results that clients of today seek – time to ditch the crunches and clean up the diet!


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