Think Bigger People!

Guest Blog from REPs member Tim Drummond 

So I’m sitting here on my balcony, with an amazing view of the beach, listening to the sea and generally feeling pretty content with life.

I’m away taking a well-earned break before my September book launch, and allowing myself to reflect on everything that I’ve achieved over the last year.

The thought which has popped into my mind is; that these experiences are WHY I got into this fitness game…

It’s for moments like this. It was because I loved the idea of being my own boss and taking off to do what I choose and what I am passionate about, away from work.  It was out of my passion for health and fitness and a want for knowledge and to further myself. It was to help as many people as possible. It was because I wanted to create an amazing and extraordinary life for myself, and those around me.

The reason I am writing this is because I truly feel that I am so fortunate to be involved in everything that I do within the industry. I am very grateful that I have been lucky enough to stumble across genuinely inspiring people who have helped bring me to my own relative success.

Here is what I see in this industry. We all get into it for many noble and deeply emotional reasons, be that wanting to help people as one’s life purpose or wanting to be stinking rich. Both are fine you know.

But the reality ends up being far different. We don’t feel valued by crappy clients who don’t value what we do. We aren’t working within the pro-sports, or celebrity training environments. We don’t have abundant money. We live a week-by-week, stress filled life in which we are worried where our next client will come from. We don’t have time to train ourselves as we would want to. We work mornings, lunchtimes and evenings as we want the extra 10-block sale and therefore bend over backwards for our clients.

One of the reasons we started the Fitness Mogul Mindset is that we feel that the first thing which needs to change in the vast majority of people in this industry is the limiting mindsets of what they can achieve.

I don’t believe that PT’s sit there and think they cannot be a success. I just feel that what the perception of that success is can be limited. When I first started in the industry 5 years ago I though success was the guy working 40 hours per week, charging more than anyone else in the gym.

But you see this is the problem. This is not success when defined by the reasons you originally went down this career route. Well probably not anyway. 

So here’s what I would do with the next hour. Write down WHY you got into this industry. If you don’t know, ask yourself. Ask yourself WHY you love this.

If it is for some of the reasons above just ask what is stopping you getting there. List the reasons that stop you; ask yourself are they real reasons or limiting beliefs that hold you back. Be honest with yourself.

Then your mindset can be re-set to aim towards that end goal. Every decision you make can be made with congruency toward that big aim. Sure, fear will try to hold you back but understand why it is there; it wants you the same today as you were tomorrow. Changing is hard. 

Many people believe that being comfortable will equal happiness in the long-term, but it won’t.

In fact it will do the opposite. Greatness only happens at the edge of your comfort zone. I think that discovering that mindset today could be the biggest game changer in your career and your life. 

About Tim

Tim Drummond’s career in the health industry has taken him from a PT to a globally acknowledged Health Coach and Mentor. A published author of the book ‘The 30/30 Body Blueprint, he has co-created Arete Fitness. Their mission is to reinvigorate the outdated perceptions of female health and fitness…. 30 minutes at a time. He also aims to inspire Fitness Professionals through The Fitness Mogul Mindset fitness business mentorship community.

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