REPs answers fitness dilemmas with ambassador Louise Hazel #AskLouise

Louise Hazel

Last night (7th May 2014), as many of you have have seen advertised on our Facebook and Twitter pages, was the first of our live twitter chats with our ambassador Louise Hazel.

First of all we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who tweeted in their fitness related questions to #AskLouise! And secondly an extra special thanks goes out to Louise who speedily answered a great range of questions, which were certainly coming in thick and fast we might add!

For those of you who were unaware or missed out on the action we asked our fellow tweeps to tweet in their fitness dilemmas and queries using the hashtag #AskLouise. Questions from last night’s Twitter takeover ranged from ‘what’s the best exercise to do if want to tone my back and sides?’ to ‘How much water should I be drinking a day if I am trying to lose weight as it can be confusing Il, 2l 3l?’

It was great to see so many involved asking for expert advice from a REPs member and we will certainly be running similar events in the future, so make sure you follow us @REPsUK on Twitter.

If there are any areas you’d like us to discuss on Twitter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us (ideally a tweet, of course)

Here’s a sneaky peek of what happened in our twitter takeover in case you missed out…


4 responses to “REPs answers fitness dilemmas with ambassador Louise Hazel #AskLouise

  1. Neil Shipley

    What makes a person a ‘fitness expert’?

  2. Good question Neil.

    Also, you can’t really just call Hazel a “REPs member” for goodness sake. She’s a Great Britain gold medal winning athlete.

    I suspect that’s why people were asking her questions, not because she’s a “REPs member”.

    But if she is helping encourage participation, and top quality exercise practice, that must be a good thing.


  3. Neil Shipley

    Yes – I totally agree. This was not a meant to be a cheap shot at Louise Hazel by the way – but as a general question. I have never liked the term ‘expert’.

  4. Hi Neil and Steve we always appreciate our members feedback and contributions, so thanks for commenting on our blog. Alongside her qualifications as a REPs member having Louise as a high profile ambassador allows us to reach out those who perhaps may be less familiar with REPs, getting the message out to these people will help ensure that people know they should always been seeking out top quality advice from Registered Exercise Professional members who are appropriately qualified.

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