Don’t miss out on the REPs #SEConvention 2014

At REPs, we are continually finding new ways to connect, develop and create opportunities for our members; this year is no different. We are delighted to launch the South East Convention 2014, delivered in association with FitPro.

This year’s huge convention is attracting over 7,500 fitness experts from all parts of the globe and is taking place in the heart of the historic docklands, at London’s Excel Centre.

Our keynote presentations from leading speakers are:

  • Friday 18th July – A superb panel of obesity experts Dr Ian Campbell and nutritionist Dr Janet Aylott taking your questions
  • Saturday 19th July – GB Olympic swimmer, now Personal Trainer, Kate Haywood

Workshops sessions will be delivered by:

  • Evolve Leisure
  • Later Life Training
  • Oxford Brooks
  • Premier Global
  • The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method
  • The Traditional Yoga Association

To see the full programme, you can download it here

By delivering our convention in association with FitPro, you have the opportunity to attend both events and explore the convention area, filled with the latest technologies, products and endorsed training providers.

To celebrate this partnership, we have an early bird ticket opportunity until 18th June and the first 100 tickets sold will receive guaranteed access to Katie Piper’s Keynote, taking place at FitPro Live.

Lastly, we have developed an opportunity for you to attend the REPs South East Convention and to ‘top up’ and gain access to 2x FitPro sessions and the Live event. The exclusive ‘top up’ tickets to allow you to gain full access to the FitPro exhibition, saving you up to £80 on standard pricing.

To purchase tickets for the REPs South East Convention, please follow this link.

REPs to conduct CPD audit

When working a busy schedule, juggling commitments and giving your all too each client, it is all too easy to push thoughts of your own professional development to one side. However, it is worth thinking about yourself and your development as a practitioner and an individual. This is where CPD training can help by letting you pursue the areas that interest you in more depth, developing your career in the direction you want it to go.

To enhance the integrity of REPs as the touchstone for professionalism within our industry, a CPD audit will be conducted on 31st October 2014, to ascertain the compliance of REPs members with their CPD requirements.

The process for this audit will be as follows:

  • A proportion of members with over two years’ continuous membership will be randomly selected.
  • These members will have their current CPD compliance checked against the agreed criteria.
  • If the member is lacking in CPD points, they will be given six months to make up the missing points.
  • If the member still has not completed their CPD requirement by the end of this six month period, then they will be considered to be in breach of their membership requirements and suspended from the Register.

Through this auditing process, we are keen to enhance and reinforce the integrity and trust that being a member of REPs entails.

We are aware that many of you will have completed CPD already but may not have logged it onto our system. We advise that you complete this activity before the audit period.

Those selected for audit will be contacted in November.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact REPs Compliance and Standards Manager Rob Wilkie directly using this link.

10 Misconceptions of a Personal Trainer…

Let’s face it – as exercise professionals we are often faced with a bad rep, and it’s not until someone actually experiences the benefits of our work that their view begins to change.

Through Greg Small (Head of Membership and REPs registered trainer) and you, our members, we have listed 10 major misconceptions of a personal trainer.

  1. We all use fake tan. (Most trainers actually just love being outdoors, especially when the weather allows it)
  2. The mirrors in gyms are just for us. (The fact that it allows a client to observe their own technique seems to be an after-thought for most gym goers)
  3. You must be young and gorgeous to be a good personal trainer.
  4. Our clipboards just contain a list of our upcoming social events.
  5. All we consume is protein shakes. We are in fact the biggest advocates of a healthy, balanced diet.

The top five from REPs members

  1. “That we won’t be happy with the session unless you spew your guts up!  The ‘go hard or go home’ attitude works well with some people but definitely not for everyone.” Murray Smith
  2. “That we are also all fully competent running coaches! The number of times I have seen people post on running forums asking for advice and happen to state they are a PT or fitness instructor and then get routinely abused as they should know all the answers!” Darryll Thomas
  3.  “People think just because they are paying you and coming to see you maybe once or twice a week they think they will get results. They only pounds they will lose are sterling. They have to do the homework. Plus we are fitness experts not dieticians.” Carol Snowden
  4.  “That as PTs we know everything about every diet, training technique, nutrition idea, etc. There are so many specialist areas that we can’t possibly know everything.” Shaun Gray
  5.  “The idea that a PT has to be a solid block of muscle. A good personal trainer should obviously be fit and healthy but being muscular does nothing to guarantee the quality of your training sessions/programmes or your client motivation.” Jim Clements

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog… for more fun and debates why not Like us on Facebook to join in the conversation!

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REPs delighted to launch new Member Benefits

As part of our ongoing commitment to our members and the services we provide, we are delighted to announce that REPs will be working in partnership with AddMore to provide a fantastic range of discounts and offers to our members. Brands include Virgin Media, Sainsbury’s and House of Fraser just to name a few!

Greg Small, Head of Membership for REPs commented:

“It is important for us to reward and recognise the commitment our members have to Continuing Professional Development and their careers, which is  why I am delighted that we are working in partnership with AddMore in order to provide a great range of offers for our members.”

In order for REPs members to access their member benefits and to see all the available discounts and offers, members will need to log into the Members Area, select the REPs logo and then select the ‘Member offers’ button which can be found on the right hand side of the page.

To see a full list of the brands on offer please click here.

We hope you enjoy!

What formats do you want to see the REPs journal published in?

As the publishers of the REPs journal and email newsletter, sportEX is always looking for ways to add value to members through the journal. We’re currently looking at whether to make the REPs journal available on the iPad and possibly also the Android platform but we’d really appreciate your input on whether this would be useful. Please click here for a very quick 5 question survey.


Free up-skilling units for members – summary post

To reflect working practices, many qualifications have now changed to include small sections on working with atypical clients. This enables instructors to adapt their mainstream classes for clients who may have additional requirements but who are still capable of attending a regular session. This could include older adults/children and vulnerable adults/pre and post natal clients/14-16 year olds/those with disabilities.

Taking these upskilling units is vital to ensure your qualifications are up-to-date. The five specially written assessment units can be found in the members’ area of the REPs’ website. Taking all the units also earns you 5 CPD points. To read the full post click here >

New evidence supporting HITT training

While many of us wonder just how much exercise we really need in order to gain health and fitness, a group of scientists in Canada are turning that issue on its head and asking, how little exercise do we actually need? The emerging and engaging answer appears to be, a lot less than most of us think — how does 10 minutes sound (no seriously!)? But there is a catch…you have to be prepared to work hard in those 1o mins. Read more here > and look out for the May REPs journal for a more detailed article.

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Do your clients ask you for weight loss advice? If so, it could be worth £50

If the answer is yes we’d like your views on a brand new online service being designed for personal trainers and exercise professionals. You could receive £50 for your help as all completed questionnaires received by the 31st Jan 2012 will be entered into a prize draw.

Already available is a subscription online food and exercise diary service to help the general public lose weight.  The food diary sets a personal calorie target and tracks calories eaten. The user can search and add products from a food database of 90,000 items. It also monitors alcohol units, 5-a-day and calories burned through exercise.

Why we need you
A number of PT’s have asked if it’s possible to use this service for their clients.  In response, we are creating a weight loss service specifically tailored for PT’s needs to assist you in helping clients who are trying to lose weight.

Please click here >> to answer a short questionnaire and be entered into a draw to win £50 in cash. Responses must be received by Tuesday 31st Jan 2012.

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Update on park charges for PTs

The article about Hammersmith and Fulham Council introducing charges for PTs using its parks and open spaces generated a heated debate with REPs members airing their views.

In response a council representative tells their side of the story…. read more >

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Interactive REPs journal online

REPs Online Access

REPs Online Access

You may have noticed that the Dec ’10 issue of the REPs journal included an interactive article reviewing the anatomy of the knee. We had some trouble with the animations to start with so these may not have been active when you first tried to access them, but if you’re up for it, give it another go. The next couple of issues will include similar features so make sure to visit – here you will find the animated version of the December issue and also previous issues of the REPs journal that have been published by sportEX.

sportEX would like to thank Primal Pictures for the use of the anatomy animations in this feature. sportEX was recently nominated as a finalist in the global Digital Magazine Awards 2010, for the use of interactivity within the digital versions of our publications.

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