Help your clients lose baby flab with a focused fitness plan


Now that the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy, REPs advises that effective physical activity during pregnancy will help to lose the pounds now the baby is born.

There are many new mums under pressure to get back into pre-baby shape as soon as possible and as REPs members you have the opportunity to develop your skills in the ante- and post- natal activity category. It is important to let expectant mums know that you can give tailored advice and create a fitness regime that is both safe and effective and is specifically designed for them. A bespoke fitness regime will bring health benefits and help women get back into shape after giving birth.

Sarah Bolitho, a REPs registered trainer specialising in ante- and post-natal exercise, says: “The Duchess of Cambridge will have found out by now that during pregnancy a woman’s body is working very hard to create a baby and this can be physically exhausting as it takes a lot of energy. It is also a tiring time emotionally for many women as they may be anxious about their health, or the health of the baby. These factors mean that exercise is often the last thing on a mum-to-be’s mind, yet it has so many benefits it should be promoted as much as healthy eating during pregnancy. There are now so many activity options to choose from that there is bound to be something that you find appealing, from swimming, ante natal classes, walking groups, the gym or even yoga.”

Sarah Bolitho also has some useful health tips that will be very helpful when advising expectant mums.

Sarah Bolitho’s top active tips for a healthier pregnancy:

  • Focus on building activity into your daily life. Take a short walk every day, or take the stairs instead of the lift.
  • If you exercise a lot, or are an athlete, then accept that for nine months your training routine will be different, and focus on learning new ways to be active.
  • As pregnancy progresses you should reduce the amount and intensity of activity so that by the middle of the third trimester you are exercising at around 70% of your pre-pregnancy levels.
  • Always listen to your body and if you feel you need to cut back more then do so, or adopt a more gentle form of activity.
  • If you attend classes or the gym, make sure your instructor is qualified in working with ante- and post-natal women, is a member of REPs and has appropriate insurance.

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