Challenging exercise misconceptions


Some people love the gym. It can offer some well-deserved time to focus on you, a great stress reliever and releases endorphins that make you happy. Others view it as an experience similar to the dentist; bringing a sense of foreboding, an uncomfortable experience to put off for as long as possible. Just like the dentist, many people have irrational fears about exercise, avoiding it wherever possible rather than realising the benefits it can bring.

Having the right mindset for exercise is so important in allowing it to become a lifestyle. Exercise professionals understand the benefits and pleasure that exercise can bring, and the difference it can make to an individual’s life. Communicating this positive attitude to someone who has negative connotations associated with fitness can be as important as anything else you teach them. You must train the mind as much as the body; it should not be underestimated what a useful tool a positive mindset is when it comes to achieving your goals.

Getting people to realise that exercise is something accessible to them, can provide a moment of awakening in people’s lives.  To do this, the common misconceptions must be challenged.

I have to work hard for hours to see any results

Nothing worth doing is ever going to be easy; not putting the necessary input into exercise will not bring any noteworthy results. Not trying small changes with the belief it won’t make a difference is counterproductive. To someone with a sedentary lifestyle, adding 15 minutes a day will make a difference. Keeping that up will allow for the duration and intensity to be increased.  Making small changes can make a big difference, doing something is far better than doing nothing at all. Every step forward is one step closer to achieving a fitter, healthier lifestyle, and they all count.

15 minutes a day is almost two hours each week, or 104 hours a year; compared to doing nothing before, 104 hours is not to be sniffed at.

I’m too old or unfit to exercise

Exercise professionals have a duty to quash this misconception completely; exercise isn’t just for those who are young and fit, in fact it is arguably more important for those who don’t fit into this category. It is vital for these groups to understand that exercise can be individually tailored for any specific requirement. It is not necessary to compare themselves to anyone else’s standards, other gym users are far too engrossed in their own workouts to worry what anyone else is doing. What’s more, however long exercise has been ignored, it is never too late to start.  It’s not the level that is started at that it is important, just the direction headed.

The gym is boring

Going to the gym may not be for everyone, but it does offer a practical solution to being able to exercise for lots of people. Gym boredom can be kept at bay by switching between gym work and other activities. Running and circuits are great activities that can be done outside, without any specialist equipment necessary.  Thanks to the outdoor gym company, even using traditional gym machines can be done outside, providing a nice change of scenery and fresh air.

If working out in the gym is the only feasible option, there are plenty of ways to ensure it stays stimulating. A programme designed for an individual should work them hard, leaving little time to get bored. Changing or intensifying the programme should help if a client feels like they are stuck in a gym rut.

Many people stick to the same few machines, often as they are familiar with their favourite machines or are too unsure about trying a new one. Ensuring clients are competent in the use of all gym equipment and understand what aspect of their fitness it is aiding will ensure they have the confidence to push themselves hard and try new things.

I don’t have time

Finding the time to fit in anything new is difficult, but exercise is something that should have its place in a daily routine. The benefits that it brings completely outweigh the time it takes.  Feeling tired after work is very different from exhaustion felt from exercise; often a workout is what is needed after a long day in the office and leaves you revitalised and with more energy to face the next day.  It needn’t take a long time, little and often is just as effective as a big workout. Making exercise a habit will increase the chances of carrying it on in the future.

I will never be good at it

What is good is relative; exercising regularly will make anybody better than their previous level. Allowing people to realise what are realistic expectations for themselves, and how to recognise their achievements will encourage them to keep going.

It is important not to judge an individual against the standards of others, and discourage them from doing so themselves. Specific and achievable yet challenging targets are the best way on measuring progress and keep the enthusiasm high. Never expect too much too soon, it deserves enough merit for acknowledging more exercise is needed and taking the first steps to a more active lifestyle.

Allowing someone to discover the benefits of exercise who was previously too nervous to have a go is one of the most rewarding things for an exercise professional. With the countless examples of how exercise has changed people’s lives and health, communicating this important message and challenging misconceptions is fundamental.

REPs member Louise Hazel launches The Podium Effect

Louise Hazel

Fitness professionals come from a range of backgrounds, but REPs member Louise Hazel’s route to becoming a fitness professional is slightly unique in that her journey took her to London 2012, the World Championships in 2011 and a gold medal in Delhi and the Commonwealth Games.

Having qualified as a REPs member in the winter of last year, Louise has been looking into how she can combine her unique, elite level training with fitness and education for the wider public.

Through research, consultation and education, Louise coined The Podium Effect®, a 60-day interactive fitness and health programme

“The Podium Effect® has been designed to be an educational tool as well as a fitness plan. We have worked with specialist nutritionists to make sure it is a holistic programme that can benefit people’s health, fitness and lifestyle.” said Louise.

Louise’s background as a world-class heptathlete has certainly shaped the training, and this is demonstrated from the warm-up and extends right across the programme.

“I wanted to include elements of training from my athletics background in The Podium Effect®. Coming from a multi-discipline event, I required a varied training schedule and I wanted the programme to reflect that.

“The programme is 60 days, the time I normally gave myself to get fit again after an injury. This is enough time to change someone from being inactive and out of shape to become fit and healthy.”

Aware of not being able to directly assist the consumer, Louise has created these videos to feel like one-on-one session, asking questions throughout, taking time to ensure everything is done correctly, and tailoring workouts (where possible) to the demands and requirements of the client. As well as offering expert tutorials on her Youtube channel.

A key aspect of The Podium Effect is the online community Louise is aiming to create and develop across a range of social media channels. The community will also be in with a chance to win a unique personal training session with the Olympian.

“I want people to be able to engage with and learn from each other, to be able to share their concerns, goals and achievements. Whether it’s a client or another REPs member, an online community is really important in this industry.”

It is certainly an exciting time for REPs member, Louise, who, in the same way she did throughout her athletic career, will undoubtedly give her all to this new, exciting project.


Image credit: Louise Hazel, Running Ambassador for The British Heart Foundation, is launching The Podium Effect® on Monday 2nd September

REPs member Kim Ingleby in the finals of ‘Personal Trainers to Watch’ Program


We would like to say a big congratulation to Kim Ingleby who has managed to secure her place in the final 10 of Life Fitness’s ‘Personal Trainers to Watch’ program.

The ‘Personal Trainers to Watch’ program rewards and recognises personal trainers from all over the globe that embody passion and commitment to healthier lifestyles.

The competition started back in June, with the nomination process closing at the end of June. Since then the public have been able to vote for their favourite on the Life Fitness website. Now it has been whittled down to just ten finalists from around the world included our very own Kim Ingleby!

Full of enthusiasm Kim Ingleby said, “I really can’t believe I’ve made it to the Final 10, totally amazing, humbling and exciting. I love what I do, always learning, developing Energised Performance and working with a huge range of amazing clients all over the world, it’s a true privilege”.

Kim then expressed her gratitude to those who nominated her, “a huge, big thank you to everyone who nominated me, I have no idea who did, but I really, really appreciate it, thank you! It’s especially poignant being short listed this year, as I have had an interesting few months overcoming Weil’s disease. I will do my very best at the Live Final Judging on 27th September, fingers crossed”.

With less than a month to until the final, the finalists will face panel of industry experts who will take the following criteria into consideration when judging:

  • A Personal Statement
  • Education
  • Awards
  • Tenure as a PT
  • Client experience
  • Third party endorsements

The finalists will also be taking part in a personal trainer’s workshop on the day which their participation levels will go towards their final score. The winner of this prestigious competition will receive a $5,000 USD cash prize.

We wish Kim the best of luck for the finals and you can too by sending her tweet @kimingleby. The finals will be taking place at Nuffield Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Centre on September 27th 2013!

For more information about the competition and the other finalists taking part please visit the Life Fitness website.

About Kim

Kim is the founder of Energised Performance located in Bristol and has over 15 years experience in the industry. Her mission is to give clients the tools to empower them to be their best, inside and out, becoming fitter, stronger and more energized. She is an award winning brand ambassador, fitness model, athlete & coach and writes for various leading UK national fitness magazines. In addition, Kim is passionate about fundraising, having raised thousands of pounds for charity.

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